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Seri Perdana

Seri Perdana is the official residence of the Prime Minister of Malaysia.
It consists of 3 blocks :

  • Main Reception Facilities/Protocol
  • Banquet Facilities
  • Residential Facilities
sp-01.jpg The Main Reception/Protocol and Banquet Facilities Blocks are used to welcome the government's official guests. The third block is the official residence of the Prime Minister and is a restricted area.

Construction of the Seri Perdana Complex started in early 1997, and completed in 1999.

Kompleks Seri Perdana
Persiaran Seri Perdana
62502 Putrajaya Malaysia.

The Main Reception / Protocol

It is located at the front of Seri Perdana and is the highest area in the building with a pisturesque backdrop of Wetlands Putrajaya, a recreational area for tourists.

The Laman Tiba

The 'Laman Tiba' or arrival hall is located in front of the main entrance door of the main reception area facility block.

The Gallery (Arch)

This arch is an eye-catching feature in contemporary Malaysian architecture. The design of the'onion' shaped arch is inspired from the arches of the Mogul Muslim Era found at the Kuala Lumpur train station and Sultan Abdul Samad Building in Kuala Lumpur, a legacy of the colonial era. A major part of construction work used local raw materials. Marble from Langkawi was used for pillars, floors and walls; carpets and intricate woodcarvings used for doors and step panels. The total height of the Complex (from ground to peak of arch) is 28 meters.

Guest Room - Bilik Tamu Special Guest Room - Bilik Tamu Khas
sp-02.jpg This comfortable lounge is the main rest area for official guests where the Prime Minister greets them. It can accommodate 25 to 55 guests. The elegant interiors of this block are designed with a combination of French and Malaysian tastes, creating a unique identity and outlook. sp-03.jpg The Special Guest Room is used for closed discussions between the Prime Minister and Heads of Governments. Official photography sessions and gift exchanging ceremonies are also held here.

The Waiting Rooms - Bilik Menunggu Meeting Room - Bilik Mesyuarat
sp-04.jpg   sp-05.jpg There are two waiting rooms for the VIPs. It is used by the wives or entourage of official guests before they are greeted by the Prime Minister. sp_17.jpg The meeting room can accommodate 30 persons. It contains video conferencing facilities, computers and advanced telecommunications systems.

Prayer Room - Surau

The prayer room can accommodate 200 people. Wood carving panels are used to separate prayer areas for men and women. The prayer hall is tastefully decorated with carvings and cornices with Islamic motifs similar to those found in mosques in the Middle East.

Dining Room - Bilik Jamuan

The dining room is used for official banquets. This area can accommodate 90 guests.


Banquet Gallery

The Banquet Gallery is used as a waiting area before government official guests are brought into the Banquet Hall.

Gifts Gallery - Galeri Hadiah The Residence
sp-06.jpg This room is used to store gifts or souvenirs presented to the Prime Minister locally and internationally. sp-08.jpg The third block of the Seri Perdana Putrajaya is the official residence and the living quarters of the Prime Minister.

Banquet Hall
sp-07.jpg The majestic banquet hall is larger than the Dining Room and is the largest area in the Complex. The elegance of the architecture and interiors are inspired by French interior design.


The banquet hall consists of two floors and can accommodate 200 people. The interior of this hall is designed with a harmonious combination of French and Malay artwork. Apart from Malaysian flower motif carvings on the wooden walls, chandeliers and French window panes, there are also elements of European architecture at the pillars of this hall. The stage has a complete audio-visual system that can be used for speeches, prize giving ceremonies and cultural shows.

For further inquiries please called Seri Perdana Putrajaya at:

Telephone : 03 8888 8200

sp-09.jpg sp-10.jpg sp-11.jpg sp-12.jpg
Banquet Block Main Block Garden/Laman Garden/Laman
sp-13.jpg sp-14.jpg sp-15.jpg sp-16.jpg
Corridor Garden Lounge Sideview
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