PUTRAJAYA, Dec 11 (Bernama) — Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, in his meeting with civil servants today ahead of the new year, wants them to continue with their outstanding services next year by adopting good values in the administration and not become complacent.

Speaking at the Prime Minister’s Department monthly assembly for December, Anwar, who is also the Finance Minister, said good values that underline MADANI Malaysia can lift the dignity of the country.

“If we have (good) values, we absorb them into MADANI, I am confident we can lift the government and stop past excesses.

“We build from that strength and we leave the excesses that happened, hopefully, we bring the curtain down on 2023 with a spirit of togetherness and open a chapter in the history of the country,” he said.

Also present were Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi and Public Services Department (PSD) director-general Datuk Dr Zulkapli Mohamed.

Anwar said civil servants should not be complacent and, instead, always strive to do better and excel.

As such, he wants civil servants to always improve themselves and find ways to increase productivity as well as avoid weaknesses and deficiencies.

“That is what I have said from the start so as to adopt a culture of listening to criticism and constructive views.

“It’s good to follow the culture of our society, people generally ask questions that are quite critical but polite because values and morals are maintained,” he added.

He said that as the country strives to reach for the sky in terms of advancement in several new fields, such as Artificial Intelligence, digital and new energy, civil servants must use the basis of religion, morals, culture and values to stay firmly rooted to the ground.

“At least we have provided a guideline that even as we reach for the sky… but we must always have our feet firmly planted on the ground.

“What we are trying to reach in the sky is new idealism, technological change, digital and so on, find ways and strive so that we can raise and restore dignity to the nation and the beloved nation of Malaysia,” he said, adding that he has faith in the civil servants to uplift the economic and social transformation.


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