KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 10 (Bernama) — The MADANI concept introduced by the Unity Government is inclusive and encompasses the interests of all races, religions and regions in the country, says Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

In the MADANI Dialogue session held in conjunction with the closing ceremony of the MADANI Government One Year Anniversary Programme at the Bukit Jalil National Stadium grounds here today, Anwar said the concept did not contradict the beliefs of any race even though it emphasised the importance of Islamic teachings.

“We must take an open attitude to learn from all experiences. (The) MADANI (concept) of course (emphasises Islamic teachings) because the majority (of people in the country) are Muslims and it is the religion of the Federation, so we strengthen it, but the points (of the MADANI concept) are universal.

“We bring the message (in the MADANI concept) for Muslims to (strengthen) their faith, their morals, their worship but the message of humanity, patriotism, justice (is also emphasised) for the grace of goodness and safety for all,” he said.

Anwar said this in response to a question from a visitor who wished to better understand the MADANI concept brought by the Unity Government.

The Prime Minister also requested the country’s multi-racial population not to have any prejudice towards the MADANI concept because it was designed for the good of all and the progress of the country.

“In the context of nationhood, we must be polite to everyone and must embrace and invite everyone to come together to build the nation and work for our country’s success.

“That’s why in the MADANI policy, I mentioned (that the government) will transparently help all schools regardless of race or religion, and stamping out poverty among all races and religions, so everyone should look at the positive aspects of its implementation,” he said.

At the event, Anwar also presented RM16.4 million in donations collected from civil servants to the Palestinian People’s Humanitarian Trust Account.


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