BUTTERWORTH, June 11 — The federal government wants to expand the role of the Malaysian Islamic Development Department (JAKIM) in efforts to enhance the country’s dignity and status, says Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

Anwar said he had met with JAKIM’S leadership recently and wanted them to help draft a national development policy framework based on Malaysia MADANI.

“Previously, JAKIM’S work was to preach, provide training and organise Al-Quran recitation and memorisation competitions with the respective state governments, but JAKIM played less of a role in drafting the 12th Malaysia Plan and MADANI Budget.

“I have instructed that the role of the muftis, scholars or figures in JAKIM should be in line with this development so that their input can be beneficial and can raise the dignity and status of the country,” he said in a speech at the 1444H/2023 National Recitation and Al-Quran Memorisation Competition here tonight.

Penang is hosting the national-level competition this year, which is scheduled to take place over six days until June 16.

Meanwhile, Anwar invited Muslims to take advantage of the miracles of the Quran by discussing sustainability and the value system it advocates.

He added that certain individuals had objected to the government’s initiatives, including the MADANI Budget, by making inaccurate references to verses in the Al-Quran.

He said the act of misusing the Al-Quran to make arguments would damage the sanctity of the holy book that scholars have defended for over a thousand years.


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