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Tarikh : 28-07-2003
It gives me great pleasure to be here to officiate the presentation of "voice4info", Malaysia's 1st SURPASS application by Siemens for the Next Generation Networks. This brings forth the convergence of two of the world's greatest communication networks - the telephone and the Internet.

2. Multimedia University's relationship with Siemens over the past few years has been more than encouraging and with the recent establishment of this weSURPASS Development Centre in September 2002, we are deeply delighted and grateful. As the academic partner, MMU is a premier one-stop development centre for the next generation network. An initial investment of RM1 million was dedicated to this development centre with the aim that it provides a platform for greater software development by local entrepreneurs.

3. And today, it gives me great satisfaction that this collaboration between MMU and Siemens has resulted in our very own first local application called `voice4info'. This is indeed a proud moment for the country as the "voice4info" application is fully developed by our young Malaysian professionals. Looking at a future that sees Next-Generation Networks as the next step towards further revolutionising information and communication technology worldwide, this Voice-Internet concept is indeed fascinating and exciting. This pioneering voice-data solutions concept equips us with the ability to access the Internet from virtually anywhere and at anytime around the world by simply answering our phone calls. I hope this marks the beginning of many more `firsts' from our pool of talented Malaysians.

4. It is my understanding that through this centre, we hope to create a local software application community around SURPASS as well as generating high-tech employment and entrepreneurship opportunities in Malaysia.

5. An integral part of living in the new millennium today is the significance of a knowledge-based society and the dramatic impact of information and communication technologies. A top-notch ICT infrastructure in the country is vital and the Internet and other IT innovations play a critical role in being part of this infrastructure.

6. As we strive towards the growth of ICT in Malaysia, Research and Development work remains a prerequisite for the development of technologies as the utilisation of the Internet continues to grow. With the growth of the Internet is the necessity for the growth of knowledge-individuals regardless of the generational and literacy gap between the young and old, urban and rural. In order to ensure the supply of information and knowledge through the Internet reaches everyone, innovative and creative ways must be developed to bring about good and functional procedures in encouraging Internet usage by these different groups of individuals.

7. Intellectual capital and knowledge creation capability is the major source for a competitive edge in our economy today. Becoming a learning society equals conscious effort to eliminate various barriers that serve as stumbling blocks for innovative thinking and pursuits. As our society develops and evolves, mindsets will have to adapt and change to become more open and favourable to innovations. Such should be the task of every Malaysian student and professional to leverage on intellectual capital in order to move from concept to explicit knowledge and thereafter, the production of next generation products, services and networks.

8. As Chancellor, it is indeed most gratifying for me to see that MMU has tried fervently to encourage such developments through close co-operation with the society and industry, particularly in R&D and innovations. The Centres of Excellence in the University devoted to core R&D activities works proactively in strategic collaboration with some of the world's leading international companies in various pioneering fields. One of the many beneficial partnerships that MMU has established with leading world companies is in the cutting-edge R&D area of wireless and mobile communication networks such as what we're here for today.

9. MMU is pleased to be in partnership with Siemens Malaysia through this weSURPASS Development Centre, which is set to become the regional hub for Next-Generation Networks applications.

10. It is my sincere hope that many more smart partnerships such as this will continually benefit MMU and Malaysia as a whole.

11. Thus, it is with great pleasure that I officially present Malaysia's First SURPASS Application - "voice4info".

Thank you.


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