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Rukun Negara golden jubilee celebration kicks off with full patriotism09 Jul 20202020-07-09 19:53:00
Development of the younger generation a priority of government – PM Muhyiddin08 Jul 20202020-07-08 20:13:00
PM Muhyiddin presents Perdana Fellows to ministers08 Jul 20202020-07-08 20:08:00
PM Muhyiddin launches Trolak Herbal Valley07 Jul 20202020-07-07 20:26:00
PM calls on Felda settlers to unearth their ‘goldmines’07 Jul 20202020-07-07 20:21:00
The government will continue supporting efforts to revive Felda – PM Muhyiddin07 Jul 20202020-07-07 20:19:00
Census Important Foundation for Country’s Development Planning – Muhyiddin07 Jul 20202020-07-07 15:02:46
Strong National Statistics System Vital for Planning, Development – Muhyiddin07 Jul 20202020-07-07 14:47:05
Muhyiddin to Give Inaugural Felda Settlers Day Speech, Launches Herbal Valley in Sungkai07 Jul 20202020-07-07 09:39:59
Govt’s Main Priority is Ensuring Economy is Back on Right Track – Muhyiddin06 Jul 20202020-07-06 16:02:47
Review Procedure, Way of Govt Administration, Post COVID-19 – Muhyiddin06 Jul 20202020-07-06 12:26:00
Malaysia recognised as one of most successful in handling COVID-1906 Jul 20202020-07-06 12:25:00
Muhyiddin holds first assembly with JPM staff06 Jul 20202020-07-06 09:19:43
Tropicana, Top Glove contribute RM2.5 mln of medical equipment to MoH03 Jul 20202020-07-03 21:24:00
PM proud of Malaysians’ SOP compliance, cooperation in COVID-19 Fight02 Jul 20202020-07-02 20:19:00
Malaysia will continue supporting Palestinian struggle – PM Muhyiddin02 Jul 20202020-07-02 20:13:00
Party Chiefs Pledge Support for PM Muhyiddin01 Jul 20202020-07-01 20:10:00
PM discusses efforts to empower varsity student welfare with MPPK30 Jun 20202020-06-30 20:07:00
Local authorities, govt agencies told to assist traders affected by COVID-19 – PM28 Jun 20202020-06-28 07:56:00
Government to continue mega projects that do not require additional funding – PM27 Jun 20202020-06-27 20:52:41
PM visits Haji Muhammad Yassin Mosque in Pagoh27 Jun 20202020-06-27 20:48:00
PM gives priority to welfare, economic recovery27 Jun 20202020-06-27 20:40:29
Continue complying with COVID-19 SOP until vaccine is found – PM Muhyiddin27 Jun 20202020-06-27 20:36:38
PM Muhyiddin visits De Muara Enterprise27 Jun 20202020-06-27 09:28:00
Singapore asked to consider allowing Malaysian workers to commute daily – PM Muhyiddin26 Jun 20202020-06-26 20:21:00
ASEAN needs cohesive plan to shore up investments, create jobs – PM Muhyiddin26 Jun 20202020-06-26 15:50:06
Virtual ASEAN Summit kicks off against backdrop of COVID-1926 Jun 20202020-06-26 15:47:01
PM Muhyiddin visits SMK Datok Lokman, gives thumbs up on reopening24 Jun 20202020-06-24 19:57:00
COVID-19 among topics discussed by PM Muhyiddin and Vietnam PM23 Jun 20202020-06-23 19:58:00
PM Muhyiddin joins interactive session with PRIHATIN assistance recipients16 Jun 20202020-06-16 20:01:00
Prime Minister launches digital dashboard developed by LAKSANA16 Jun 20202020-06-16 19:47:00
Blood donors are national heroes – PM Muhyiddin14 Jun 20202020-06-14 21:38:00
PM Muhyiddin proud of congregants’ compliance with SOP for Friday prayers12 Jun 20202020-06-12 12:00:00
Agong grants audience to PM Muhyiddin for Pre-Cabinet meeting10 Jun 20202020-06-10 11:00:00
‘Prihatin’ PM Muhyiddin cares deeply about people’s problems09 Jun 20202020-06-09 19:52:00
Key initiatives of PM Muhyiddin in 100 days09 Jun 20202020-06-09 08:04:34
PM Muhyiddin back at work after 14-day home quarantine04 Jun 20202020-06-04 21:09:03
COVID-19 : PM, 34 officers to resume duties in office tomorrow03 Jun 20202020-06-03 18:54:00
Amend laws for heavier penalties against drink-driving – PM Muhyiddin30 May 20202020-05-30 19:45:00
Malaysia-Turkey to collaborate to develop COVID-19 vaccine29 May 20202020-05-29 17:34:00
Various matters need to be fine-tuned before schools can reopen – PM28 May 20202020-05-28 20:10:00
PM Muhyiddin dismisses allegations he’s in Singapore for treatment28 May 20202020-05-28 20:06:00
PM Muhyiddin wants community leaders to play greater role in battle against COVID-1928 May 20202020-05-28 19:53:00
PM Muhyiddin pays tribute to Ahmad A. Talib26 May 20202020-05-26 19:28:00
Prime Minister recites ‘Takbir Raya’ with ministers, frontliners23 May 20202020-05-23 22:02:00
For CMCO to end, apply SOPs as part of daily life – PM23 May 20202020-05-23 21:44:00
PM wants frontliners’ special allowance late payment issues to be resolved soon22 May 20202020-05-22 16:04:00
PM Lends Ear to Frontliners via Video Conference22 May 20202020-05-22 15:35:19
King’s caution over political turmoil18 May 20202020-05-18 14:20:00
Nor Hainei is 2020 National Eminent Teacher Award recipient16 May 20202020-05-16 19:51:00
PM thanks well wishers on his 73rd birthday15 May 20202020-05-15 23:58:00
PM attends opening ceremony of Johor State Assembly sitting14 May 20202020-05-14 11:35:00
Malaysia and Iran to cooperate in fight against COVID-19 – PM Muhyiddin13 May 20202020-05-13 19:35:00
Nurses are national heroes and heroines – PM Muhyiddin12 May 20202020-05-12 07:55:00
Let’s together free Malaysia from COVID-19 – PM Muhyiddin12 May 20202020-05-12 07:44:12
Bilateral cooperation, COVID-19 among topics discussed between PM Muhyiddin and Trump08 May 20202020-05-08 22:41:00
PM Muhyiddin wishes Malaysian Buddhists a Happy Wesak Day06 May 20202020-05-06 23:56:00
Ti Lian Ker, Azam Baki take oath of office before King05 May 20202020-05-05 09:01:00
PM Muhyiddin wants NAM to help smaller nations in war against COVID-1904 May 20202020-05-04 23:55:00
COVID-19 among topics discussed between PM Muhyiddin, Qatar Emir27 Apr 20202020-04-27 18:57:00
The people will be cared for, come rain or shine – PM25 Apr 20202020-04-25 21:26:00
New normal needs a more comprehensive digitalisation system25 Apr 20202020-04-25 21:24:00
All hands on deck to revive the economy – PM25 Apr 20202020-04-25 21:17:00
PM Muhyiddin joins world leaders in calling for global collaboration for COVID-19 vaccine24 Apr 20202020-04-24 23:30:00
25 Individuals Sworn in As Political Secretaries to Ministers24 Apr 20202020-04-24 16:22:00
Agong holds second pre-Cabinet video conference with PM Muhyiddin22 Apr 20202020-04-22 11:42:00
PM thanks Malaysian frontliners over world recognition in fight against COVID-1921 Apr 20202020-04-21 19:51:00
PM, Finance Minister appointed as chairman, deputy chairman of YPB20 Apr 20202020-04-20 14:42:35
COVID-19 among topics in Muhyiddin, Australian PM talks17 Apr 20202020-04-17 19:10:00
King makes personal donation to COVID-19 fund16 Apr 20202020-04-16 20:20:00
Agong holds pre-Cabinet meeting with PM Muhyiddin via video conference15 Apr 20202020-04-15 19:28:00
ASEAN+3 members must join forces to battle economic impact of COVID-19 – PM14 Apr 20202020-04-14 20:17:00
Malaysia to share findings on COVID-19 cure with ASEAN+3 partners14 Apr 20202020-04-14 20:11:00
PM Muhyiddin shares with ASEAN Malaysia’s experience in fighting COVID-1914 Apr 20202020-04-14 19:28:00
PM to join special ASEAN Summit via video conference13 Apr 20202020-04-13 20:15:00
Barber shop, hair salon, Ramadan bazaar not allowed during MCO13 Apr 20202020-04-13 19:56:00
British High Commissioner meets PM Muhyiddin to discuss COVID-19 crisis09 Apr 20202020-04-09 21:39:00
Kunjungan Hormat Pesuruhjaya Tinggi British09 Apr 20202020-04-09 17:43:19
PM receives RM4 mln for COVID-19 Fund, bringing total to RM22.6 mln07 Apr 20202020-04-07 19:24:00
COVID-19: PM Muhyiddin proud of recovered patient’s role in helping others06 Apr 20202020-04-06 20:34:00
Malaysian PM, Palestine President discusses ties, COVID-19 over phone call06 Apr 20202020-04-06 20:13:00
PM Muhyiddin calls on people to remain resilient, continue obeying MCO06 Apr 20202020-04-06 20:02:00
Additional RM10 billion economic package for SMEs – PM06 Apr 20202020-04-06 19:38:00
Prime Minister receives cash donations of RM4.6 million for COVID-19 Fund03 Apr 20202020-04-03 21:42:50
PM Muhyiddin inspects implementation operation of PRIHATIN Package02 Apr 20202020-04-02 22:21:00
Role of GLCs important in formulating economic strategy during MCO – PM Muhyiddin02 Apr 20202020-04-02 18:26:00
PM Muhyiddin, Tengku Zafrul appointed to Khazanah board01 Apr 20202020-04-01 20:33:00
Seven decades on, RTM remains strong and credible source of news01 Apr 20202020-04-01 20:23:00
COVID-19: PM visits MAEPS Low-Risk Patient Quarantine & Treatment Centre30 Mar 20202020-03-30 19:09:00
PM Muhyiddin receives donations for COVID-19 Fund30 Mar 20202020-03-30 14:58:00
PM Muhyiddin visits supermarket, happy people observing social distancing29 Mar 20202020-03-29 18:47:10
PM extends condolences to Jokowi on mother’s passing25 Mar 20202020-03-25 20:12:00
PM Muhyiddin Checks Retail Activity at Hypermarket25 Mar 20202020-03-25 19:35:00
Thank You PDRM! – PM Muhyiddin24 Mar 20202020-03-24 22:25:00
Five Companies Donate to COVID-19 Fund24 Mar 20202020-03-24 07:18:00
PM Muhyiddin chairs second meeting of Economic Action Council23 Mar 20202020-03-23 13:39:00
Berjaya Group, I-Berhad contribute RM1 million each to COVID-19 fund20 Mar 20202020-03-20 21:17:00
Additional RM160 million approved to fight COVID-19 second wave – PM19 Mar 20202020-03-19 20:29:00
PM briefs Sultan of Johor on COVID-1919 Mar 20202020-03-19 20:26:00
PM Chairs First Meeting with Deputy Ministers11 Mar 20202020-03-11 08:36:00
Govt launches COVID-19 fund to help patients and others affected11 Mar 20202020-03-11 08:31:00
Government sets up Economic Action Council to address economic woes11 Mar 20202020-03-11 08:23:00
PM Muhyiddin chairs first Cabinet meeting11 Mar 20202020-03-11 08:20:00
31 Cabinet ministers all sworn in before King10 Mar 20202020-03-10 17:14:00
COVID-19: PM visits, chairs meeting at CPRC10 Mar 20202020-03-10 12:19:54
PM Muhyiddin announces Cabinet without Deputy Prime Minister09 Mar 20202020-03-09 20:32:00
PM Has Audience with Agong09 Mar 20202020-03-09 12:50:00
SPM 2019 results show the effectiveness of the education system – PM05 Mar 20202020-03-05 20:35:00
PM makes surprise visit to SAS to celebrate students’ outstanding SPM results05 Mar 20202020-03-05 20:29:00
For Now, PM Muhyiddin in Charge of All Federal Departments05 Mar 20202020-03-05 13:57:16
PM meets senior MITI officials to discuss APEC 2020, international trade05 Mar 20202020-03-05 11:47:47
PM Muhyiddin meets with FT Mufti03 Mar 20202020-03-03 09:47:00
PM is briefed on economy, COVID-1903 Mar 20202020-03-03 09:40:00
PM Muhyiddin promises cabinet that’s clean, of integrity02 Mar 20202020-03-02 23:51:00
PM Muhyiddin expresses gratitude to Dr Mahathir02 Mar 20202020-03-02 21:00:00
“I offer my heart and soul for the nation ” – PM Muhyiddin02 Mar 20202020-03-02 20:57:00
PM Muhyiddin visits Parents’ Graves02 Mar 20202020-03-02 16:00:03
PM Muhyiddin Begins Work as Prime Minister02 Mar 20202020-03-02 15:05:08
PM Muhyiddin Expresses Gratitude to Allah01 Mar 20202020-03-01 14:46:51
Muhyiddin Takes Oath as 8th PM Before King01 Mar 20202020-03-01 14:43:24
Muhyiddin Yassin Appointed New Prime Minister – Istana Negara29 Feb 20202020-02-29 22:30:00

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