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15 Percent of NACP Initiatives Already Implemented – Dr Mahathir18 Jul 20192019-07-18 22:50:52
Freedom of Information Act in place of Official Secret Act – Dr Mahathir18 Jul 20192019-07-18 22:46:32
Press Freedom: Malaysia top in Southeast Asia18 Jul 20192019-07-18 19:40:54
Respons Rakyat App Enables Complaints to be sent to 460 Government Entities18 Jul 20192019-07-18 15:22:54
Parliamentary Select Committee to Determine Several Key Appointments – PM18 Jul 20192019-07-18 15:18:41
Motion on Redelineation of Sabah Electoral Boundaries Approved by Parliament17 Jul 20192019-07-17 19:41:57
Dr Mahathir Comes Away Impressed After Chat with Robot Sophia17 Jul 20192019-07-17 12:44:12
Any Leader Under Probe Can Take Leave or Remain on Duty – Dr Mahathir17 Jul 20192019-07-17 12:40:29
Malaysia ready to hold talks with China over gas pipeline compensation – Tun M17 Jul 20192019-07-17 12:34:52
Malaysia Risks Losing out With Untapped Talent in IR4.0 – Tun M17 Jul 20192019-07-17 11:28:32
Dr Mahathir Elated by Unanimous Support to Amend Constitution16 Jul 20192019-07-16 23:11:27
18 Voting Age: 21-Year-Old to Be Registered Automatically16 Jul 20192019-07-16 20:07:28
Dewan Rakyat Creates History Passing Constitution Amendment Bill Through Bipartisanship16 Jul 20192019-07-16 20:02:21
Young People to Strengthen Democracy in Malaysia – Dr Mahathir16 Jul 20192019-07-16 07:57:48
New System Under Study to Teach Science, Mathematics in English – Mahathir16 Jul 20192019-07-16 07:49:41
‘Show me the money’, says Dr M of GST money reported ‘not missing’ by PAC15 Jul 20192019-07-15 20:07:17
Over RM1 bln seized from CPP account for uncompleted works – Dr Mahathir15 Jul 20192019-07-15 20:06:12
Mahathir Responds to Johor’s Capping of Youth Age at 4015 Jul 20192019-07-15 19:58:03
King, Queen Throw Surprise Birthday Party for PM, Wife at Istana Negara11 Jul 20192019-07-11 15:10:46
Entrepreneurship in The Country Needs to Be Strengthened – Dr Mahathir11 Jul 20192019-07-11 12:06:30
Malaysia a True Entrepreneurial Nation by 203011 Jul 20192019-07-11 12:05:30
MKN bill withdrawn for further studies – Dr Mahathir11 Jul 20192019-07-11 07:59:57
Youths should have characteristics employers look for in employees – Dr M11 Jul 20192019-07-11 07:57:37
PM: Govt plans to tackle unemployment through better programmes, mechanisms11 Jul 20192019-07-11 07:53:29
Mahathir shares birthday wish with Malaysians10 Jul 20192019-07-10 08:20:55
Government to look into Johor youth age cap – Mahathir10 Jul 20192019-07-10 08:16:50
PH gov’t pulls Malaysia out of financial abyss10 Jul 20192019-07-10 08:13:52
The ‘Malaysia’ name to be retained in Malaysia Airlines recovery plan – Mahathir10 Jul 20192019-07-10 08:10:36
MAGB, Khazanah working together to revive MAB, says PM10 Jul 20192019-07-10 08:07:54
Malaysia to establish Proton automotive assembly plant in Pakistan – Dr Mahathir09 Jul 20192019-07-09 20:23:08
Dr Mahathir pleased with grit shown by ‘Tooth King’ to pull aircraft09 Jul 20192019-07-09 20:19:51
National cars overcome shortage of skilled manpower in automotive industry – Dr Mahathir09 Jul 20192019-07-09 20:16:24
TVET institution-industry cooperation vital to ensure matching supply and demand – Dr M09 Jul 20192019-07-09 16:34:47
Cabinet yet to decide on Gamuda09 Jul 20192019-07-09 16:31:22
Government gets 4 offers to take over MAS, says PM09 Jul 20192019-07-09 16:28:04
Word ‘mandatory’ to be removed from Drug Trafficking Legislation – PM08 Jul 20192019-07-08 20:19:03
PM to Appear in Parliament Every Wednesday for PMQT08 Jul 20192019-07-08 20:14:36
31 World’s Top Universities-Bound Students Receive MARA Study Loan Offer Letters08 Jul 20192019-07-08 13:08:34
Felda Estates the Way to Go – Dr Mahathir07 Jul 20192019-07-07 20:00:53
PM Tun Dr Mahathir Officiates at Fellowship Programme for Youths05 Jul 20192019-07-05 19:42:42
Dr Mahathir Wishes Muslim Pilgrims Safe, Mabrur Haj04 Jul 20192019-07-04 21:30:06
King Attends Meeting of Conference of Rulers04 Jul 20192019-07-04 20:43:24
Restructure Business, Industrial Ecosystems to Meet Future Needs: Dr M01 Jul 20192019-07-01 20:21:13
Civil Servants Should Be More Tolerant and Accept Differences – PM01 Jul 20192019-07-01 16:46:05
Govt. Will Return Favours to The People for Mandate Given to PH – Dr M29 Jun 20192019-06-29 22:07:03
Plan to Move Bukit Malut Residents to Proper Housing to Be Implemented29 Jun 20192019-06-29 09:55:15
Government to Table Motion to Compel M Ps to Declare Assets27 Jun 20192019-06-27 21:07:26
Dr Mahathir assembles with Avengers at Pavilion27 Jun 20192019-06-27 21:04:41
MP Presents Labuan Economic Plan to Dr Mahathir27 Jun 20192019-06-27 11:55:23
Government to Introduce Estate Farming to Increase Smallholders’ Income27 Jun 20192019-06-27 08:47:15
Mahathir shares life values, hopes for Malaysians26 Jun 20192019-06-26 08:55:13
ASEAN Centrality Deserves Greater Commitment – PM25 Jun 20192019-06-25 20:01:33
Pollution in Pasir Gudang Should Not Have Recurred – Dr Mahathir25 Jun 20192019-06-25 16:16:52
Malaysia Airlines to Retain Identity Even if Sold – PM Mahathir25 Jun 20192019-06-25 16:12:47
Malaysia Will Not Be Dragged Into Conflicts Initiated by Others – PM Mahathir25 Jun 20192019-06-25 15:59:43
34th ASEAN Summit end on a positive note25 Jun 20192019-06-25 09:07:35
Settlers leave it to PM to decide on new FELDA chairman25 Jun 20192019-06-25 09:03:24
IMF’s Lagarde calls on Dr Mahathir24 Jun 20192019-06-24 11:39:33
Special Study Needed to Transfer Illegal Settlers on Bukit Malut – Dr Mahathir24 Jun 20192019-06-24 11:34:39
Petronas’ White Paper to Stimulate Action Towards Achieving Paris Agreement – Tun M24 Jun 20192019-06-24 11:30:40
Prosper-Thy-Neighbour Policy Promotes Concept of Shared Prosperity -Tun M24 Jun 20192019-06-24 11:27:00
A Visit from The Managing Director of The IMF24 Jun 20192019-06-24 11:17:26
PM Tun Dr Mahathir concludes four-day ‘meeting marathon’ in Thailand23 Jun 20192019-06-23 20:46:40
ASEAN Playing Important Role in Boosting Regional Trade – PM Mahathir23 Jun 20192019-06-23 20:43:00
Malaysia welcome ASEAN’s joint bid for 2034 FIFA World Cup23 Jun 20192019-06-23 20:39:36
International Community Must Monitor Deportation of Rohingya Refugees – Dr Mahathir23 Jun 20192019-06-23 20:36:34
Thai PM Prayuth officially opens 34th ASEAN Summit23 Jun 20192019-06-23 20:30:14
Dr Mahathir suggests ASEAN countries introduce taxes on online businesses23 Jun 20192019-06-23 20:10:04
PM Dr Mahathir Attends Plenary Session of 34th ASEAN Summit22 Jun 20192019-06-22 14:57:39
Dr Mahathir Vows to Put House in Order Before Stepping Down21 Jun 20192019-06-21 23:53:10
Malaysia Maintains Economic and Trade Policy Despite Change of Government – PM Mahathir21 Jun 20192019-06-21 23:49:45
Dr Mahathir Launches Malaysia Fest 2019 in Bangkok21 Jun 20192019-06-21 23:45:06
PM Dr Mahathir Arrives Bangkok for Four-Day Working Visit20 Jun 20192019-06-20 22:08:44
Malaysia Unhappy with The Latest Report on MH17 – PM Mahathir20 Jun 20192019-06-20 17:02:23
No Need for Azmin to Take Leave Over Video Probe – Tun Dr Mahathir20 Jun 20192019-06-20 14:55:46
Concerned Dr M Pays Surprise Visit to Baby Ainul in London19 Jun 20192019-06-19 22:03:39
We Are Free to Reject Western Influences, Says Dr Mahathir18 Jun 20192019-06-18 19:42:27
Dr Mahathir leading Malaysian delegation to 34th Asean Summit in Bangkok18 Jun 20192019-06-18 10:41:32
Dr Mahathir wraps up UK trip with hospital visit to see baby Ainul Mardhiah17 Jun 20192019-06-17 07:58:56
Dr M calls for high-tech investments from UK17 Jun 20192019-06-17 07:55:26
International Community’s Assumptions on Malaysia’s Palm Oil Not Fair – Dr M17 Jun 20192019-06-17 07:50:26
Tun Dr Mahathir Engages Audience with Wit and Humour During Cambridge Talk17 Jun 20192019-06-17 07:40:50
Dr Mahathir joins Malaysians in London Raya do16 Jun 20192019-06-16 13:02:41
Dr Mahathir visits Albukhary Foundation Gallery at British Museum16 Jun 20192019-06-16 11:59:54
Dr Mahathir begins three-day working visit to the UK15 Jun 20192019-06-15 23:40:05
Dr Mahathir Banking on Young Generation to Create Bright Future for Malaysia14 Jun 20192019-06-14 14:40:15
Communist Party of China’s Delegation Calls on Dr Mahathir13 Jun 20192019-06-13 14:01:01
Videos Allegedly Linked to Minister Politically Motivated – PM12 Jun 20192019-06-12 21:49:35
PSC on major public appointment still can’t function legally – Dr Mahathir11 Jun 20192019-06-11 09:20:43
Govt to cut investment processes to expedite approvals – Dr Mahathir11 Jun 20192019-06-11 09:15:50
Government serious in tackling poverty issues among paddy farmers11 Jun 20192019-06-11 09:14:52
Govt will look into IGP’s call on policemen’s salaries – PM11 Jun 20192019-06-11 09:11:32
Don’t be greedy to the extent of committing corruption – Dr Mahathir10 Jun 20192019-06-10 09:45:26
Civil servants must not get bound to the ruling party – Mahathir10 Jun 20192019-06-10 09:44:04
Civil servants told to prepare for Industry 4.010 Jun 20192019-06-10 09:43:21
Mohd Khalil, Dr Mahathir attend Aidilfitri feast with Melaka civil servants10 Jun 20192019-06-10 09:42:06
PM visits Konica Minolta factory, opens SIC in Melaka10 Jun 20192019-06-10 09:39:32
Govt trying to ascertain actual cause of Orang Asli deaths – Dr Mahathir10 Jun 20192019-06-10 09:36:45
Emulate Melaka in building ‘Rumah Peduli’ affordable houses – PM10 Jun 20192019-06-10 09:33:30
Over 30,000 attend Kedah MB’s raya open house08 Jun 20192019-06-08 09:57:24
Decision on Latheefa’s appointment final – Dr Mahathir08 Jun 20192019-06-08 09:20:10
No reports lodged on vandalised billboards featuring PM – Cops07 Jun 20192019-06-07 09:26:33
Thousands throng PM, cabinet ministers’ Aidilfitri open house05 Jun 20192019-06-05 09:46:27
PM seeks forgiveness from Malaysians05 Jun 20192019-06-05 09:43:31
Housewife fulfils dream to meet Dr Mahathir05 Jun 20192019-06-05 09:40:39
Latheefa’s appointment my own decision – Dr Mahathir05 Jun 20192019-06-05 09:35:35
RCI on judicial misconduct is what people want – Dr Mahathir05 Jun 20192019-06-05 09:29:40
1,150 parking lots prepared for PM’s Open House04 Jun 20192019-06-04 10:22:20
Security personnel, staff carrying out final arrangements for PM’s Aidilfitri open house04 Jun 20192019-06-04 10:09:08
Be grateful for being able to fast in peace – Dr Mahathir04 Jun 20192019-06-04 10:02:56
Dr Mahathir, wife extend Aidilfitri greetings04 Jun 20192019-06-04 09:54:13
Witnessing Dr Mahathir’s diplomacy, leadership masterclass03 Jun 20192019-06-03 10:49:20
Slow Funding of Projects Affects All States Including Sabah – PM02 Jun 20192019-06-02 20:06:46
4,000 Break Fast with PM at Kota Kinabalu City Mosque02 Jun 20192019-06-02 19:59:58
‘People power saves Malaysia’ wins nation’s coveted book award02 Jun 20192019-06-02 09:15:15
Mahathir, Abe Hold Bilateral Talks31 May 20192019-05-31 14:50:43
Malaysia Wants Evidence to Show Russia Shot Down MH1730 May 20192019-05-30 19:58:12
Malaysia to Let Lynas Rare Earth Plant to Continue Operations30 May 20192019-05-30 19:55:32
Government to take six months to study RTS benefit – PM Mahathir30 May 20192019-05-30 19:52:02
Trade war is stupid, says Mahathir30 May 20192019-05-30 19:47:17
PM Agrees on Several Proposals on Defence White Paper – MAF Chief30 May 20192019-05-30 19:45:08
Government Needs Three Years to Reduce Debt to 54 percent – Dr Mahathir30 May 20192019-05-30 19:37:25
Malaysia Will Continue to Use Huawei’s Technology – Mahathir30 May 20192019-05-30 14:27:15
West Must Accept East Is Equally Good or Better Now – Dr Mahathir30 May 20192019-05-30 14:21:43
Dr Mahathir Calls for Conflict Resolution Through Negotiation, Not Confrontation30 May 20192019-05-30 14:14:27
Current Currency Trading is Manipulative – Tun Dr Mahathir30 May 20192019-05-30 14:06:41
PM Arrives in Tokyo for 3-Day Working Visit to Japan29 May 20192019-05-29 22:59:30
Dr Mahathir Extends Condolences Over Khoo Kay Kim’s Passing28 May 20192019-05-28 18:56:36
Special Treatment for Bumi Contractors Will Go On – Tun M28 May 20192019-05-28 17:44:45
Social Media Realm Needs to Remain a Positive Platform – Dr Mahathir28 May 20192019-05-28 15:03:25
No Decision yet on Method of Reducing Toll – Dr Mahathir27 May 20192019-05-27 11:53:44
Government Writes Off RM3.8 Billion State Govt. Debt for Rural Water Supply Project27 May 20192019-05-27 11:45:57
Dr Mahathir Congratulates Modi on Clear Victory in India’s Election26 May 20192019-05-26 21:20:01
PM Makes Walkabout at Ramadan Bazaar at Darul Aman Stadium26 May 20192019-05-26 17:55:14
Government Committed to Strengthening Malaysia-China Ties, Says PM26 May 20192019-05-26 09:13:02
Peace in Country is a Bliss for All – Dr Mahathir25 May 20192019-05-25 18:10:41
Government Looking to Attract More Foreign Investments to Boost Economy, Strengthen Ringgit – Dr M25 May 20192019-05-25 09:05:11
Don’t Be Too Dependent on Offerings – Dr Mahathir24 May 20192019-05-24 17:02:30
Sultan Ahmad Shah Laid to Rest in Pekan23 May 20192019-05-23 11:41:44
Malaysia Will Continue to Condemn Israel – Dr Mahathir22 May 20192019-05-22 20:28:51
HAMAS Leaders Meet Dr Mahathir to Convey Situation, Struggles in Palestine22 May 20192019-05-22 16:48:29
PM Pays Last Respects to Almarhum Sultan Ahmad Shah22 May 20192019-05-22 16:11:09
Sembah Takziah Di Atas Kemangkatan KDYMM Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah Al Musta’in Billah Ibni Al-Marhum Sultan Abu Bakar Ri’ayatuddin Al-Mu’adzam Shah22 May 20192019-05-22 15:18:47
Dr Mahathir breaks fast with Cabinet members20 May 20192019-05-20 09:07:06
Dr Mahathir, wife wish Malaysian Buddhists A Happy Wesak Day18 May 20192019-05-18 09:03:47
Tun M can restore economy in two years – Anwar18 May 20192019-05-18 09:00:58
ADB president reaffirms support for Malaysia during meeting with Dr M17 May 20192019-05-17 08:58:10
Diligence, Trustworthy and Discipline Should Become a Culture of Success – Dr M16 May 20192019-05-16 11:08:53
Government Agrees to Appoint a Youth to Represent Them in The Senate15 May 20192019-05-15 19:23:46
Government to Discuss with EC on Restriction Involving Cabinet Ministers – Dr Mahathir14 May 20192019-05-14 16:11:20
MINDEF Land Swaps: Nobody Above the Law – Dr Mahathir14 May 20192019-05-14 16:06:44
PM Launches myPortfolio to Enhance Public Service Delivery14 May 20192019-05-14 16:03:10
Innocent Policemen Need Not Fear IPCMC: Tun Dr Mahathir14 May 20192019-05-14 14:03:01
Asset Declaration Part of Ministers’ KPI – Tun Dr Mahathir14 May 20192019-05-14 13:56:22
Adapt to New Technologies – PM Tun Dr Mahathir13 May 20192019-05-13 19:24:21
World recognises Dr Mahathir’s influence, leadership quality12 May 20192019-05-12 10:13:55
Dr M wishes Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers12 May 20192019-05-12 10:09:57
Let Dr Mahathir finish his job before he steps down – Abdul Rashid11 May 20192019-05-11 10:03:01
Agong breaks fast with Cabinet, foreign representatives11 May 20192019-05-11 09:54:13
PH government needs time to fulfil pledges in manifesto10 May 20192019-05-10 09:51:04
Avoid splits by following true Islamic teachings – Dr Mahathir10 May 20192019-05-10 09:48:12
Dr Mahathir regrets arrest of social media user10 May 20192019-05-10 09:45:23
Malaysia’s international profile on the rise, one year on09 May 20192019-05-09 09:39:42
Grave damage from BN era affecting national recovery – Dr Mahathir09 May 20192019-05-09 09:21:19
Almost 40 per cent of PH pledges fulfilled – Dr Mahathir09 May 20192019-05-09 09:17:29
Govt to ensure shared prosperity under new economic direction — Tun M09 May 20192019-05-09 09:12:26
Dr Mahathir questions whether Islamic gathering was for religion or politics09 May 20192019-05-09 09:07:43
Dr Mahathir attends PH thanksgiving gathering09 May 20192019-05-09 08:35:19
Claims Islam, Malays Threatened Under PH an Opposition Tactic – Dr Mahathir08 May 20192019-05-08 22:18:49
Government Needs Support of All, Regardless of Race, Religion – Mahathir08 May 20192019-05-08 22:14:35
Middlemen Contribute to Price Increase of Goods – PM08 May 20192019-05-08 22:09:27
PM Tun Dr Mahathir Denies Government Has Problems in Relations with Rulers06 May 20192019-05-06 20:34:35
Government to Look Into Compatibility of Rome Statute with Local Culture – Tun Dr Mahathir06 May 20192019-05-06 17:32:47
No Solution in Sight to Turn Around Malaysia Airlines – PM06 May 20192019-05-06 17:23:50
No Cabinet Reshuffle, Says PM06 May 20192019-05-06 15:12:48
Fasting Helps Control Evil Desires – Dr Mahathir06 May 20192019-05-06 11:44:39
Some People Want PH Government Toppled for Combatting Corruption – Dr Mahathir05 May 20192019-05-05 11:41:40
Malaysia Future Leaders School to Instill Good Values Among Youths03 May 20192019-05-03 21:08:37
Malaysia Hopes to Recover US$7 Billion of 1MDB Money03 May 20192019-05-03 19:00:40
Night Work Policy to Be Introduced for 3D Sector – PM02 May 20192019-05-02 22:45:13
Government to Make Malaysia a Developed Nation with Good Policies, Economic Inclusion – Tun M02 May 20192019-05-02 16:19:32
Innovation, Digital Technologies to Address Demand for Affordable House – PM02 May 20192019-05-02 10:09:28
Government Gives Priority to Employment of Citizens – Dr Mahathir01 May 20192019-05-01 11:56:30
Israel is the Root Cause of World Instability – Dr Mahathir01 May 20192019-05-01 09:39:49
PH Government to Continue to Combat Corruption – Dr Mahathir30 Apr 20192019-04-30 21:50:33
PM Dr Mahathir Receives Courtesy Call from Sheikha Moza30 Apr 20192019-04-30 21:40:11
“I Will Try Not Let the Nation Flounder and Fall, Lose Dignity” – PM29 Apr 20192019-04-29 08:46:47
PH Implemented Various Initiatives for Muslims – PM29 Apr 20192019-04-29 08:41:34
PM Thanks IGP Fuzi Harun29 Apr 20192019-04-29 08:36:59
Only the People Can Change the Prime Minister28 Apr 20192019-04-28 21:18:15
ECRL Negotiations by Previous Govt Not Transparent – PM28 Apr 20192019-04-28 21:14:53
Belt and Road Initiative Not China’s Plan to Dominate – PM28 Apr 20192019-04-28 21:10:41
Strive to Understand Different Cultures and Values – PM27 Apr 20192019-04-27 21:00:29
PM Attends Roundtable Summit at Belt and Road Forum27 Apr 20192019-04-27 20:51:56
Malaysia is a friend of China, welcomes more investments – Dr Mahathir25 Apr 20192019-04-25 08:23:23
Mahathir holds talks with China’s top leaders, consolidates China-Malaysia ties25 Apr 20192019-04-25 08:16:10
Dr Mahathir tours Huawei’s Beijing Research Centre25 Apr 20192019-04-25 07:27:33
China set to buy an additional RM4.56 billion worth of Malaysian palm oil25 Apr 20192019-04-25 07:15:26
PM arrives in Beijing for Belt and Road Forum24 Apr 20192019-04-24 20:56:20
Dr Mahathir’s visit to China to herald new chapter in bilateral relations23 Apr 20192019-04-23 09:01:23
Efforts to enhance Orang Asli education main gov’t agenda – Mahathir22 Apr 20192019-04-22 14:39:49
PM reminds PNB not to be complacent in fulfilling its responsibility towards investors21 Apr 20192019-04-21 08:47:13
RM187.1 bln dividend payout by PNB since establishment, says Tun M21 Apr 20192019-04-21 08:41:56
Right balance between physical development and environmental preservation a must – PM20 Apr 20192019-04-20 08:53:36
Mahathir hailed for being among Time’s 100 most influential people19 Apr 20192019-04-19 10:26:13
PM questions potential rating downgrade19 Apr 20192019-04-19 09:47:28
Deposits in TH will be properly managed – Dr Mahathir19 Apr 20192019-04-19 09:38:23
Malaysia needs to move to productivity-driven growth, says PM19 Apr 20192019-04-19 09:25:17
Bandar Malaysia project reinstated – Mahathir19 Apr 20192019-04-19 09:09:20
Gov’t awaits approval from Malay Rulers on new Chief Justice – Mahathir19 Apr 20192019-04-19 09:07:00
Malaysia Will Be Able to Leverage 5G Within Next Three Years – PM18 Apr 20192019-04-18 16:41:00
5G Will Impact Every Industry – PM18 Apr 20192019-04-18 16:32:58
Policies that Encourage Imports Need to Be Changed – PM16 Apr 20192019-04-16 11:44:25
Focus on Improving Current Rail Services, High-Speed Train Now “Not Necessary”16 Apr 20192019-04-16 11:39:38
Lower Financial Commitment Following Improved ECRL Deal15 Apr 20192019-04-15 12:40:27
Need to Accompany Knowledge with Right Values – PM14 Apr 20192019-04-14 22:00:38
Put Aside Ego to Be a Good Leader – PM14 Apr 20192019-04-14 18:48:39
Revived LTdL Brings Great Mileage to Malaysia – PM13 Apr 20192019-04-13 11:48:35
New National Car Brand a Boost for Automotive Industry – PM11 Apr 20192019-04-11 20:52:55
Political Parties Get Mandate to Choose PM, Menteris Besar – PM10 Apr 20192019-04-10 20:12:25
Re-Tabling of Amendment Bill Depends on Needs – PM10 Apr 20192019-04-10 20:05:18
Islamic Banking Players Must Invest in Technologies – PM10 Apr 20192019-04-10 15:46:12
TMJ Free to Criticise – PM09 Apr 20192019-04-09 21:17:25
Amendments to NSC Act Because PM Cannot Have Unfettered Powers – PM09 Apr 20192019-04-09 21:14:47
Amendment to Constitution First Step to Realising Wishes of People in Sabah, Sarawak – PM09 Apr 20192019-04-09 21:07:50
Malaysia to Take Back Delegated Airspace from Singapore in Stages – PM09 Apr 20192019-04-09 21:03:47
Malaysia, Singapore Always on Talking Terms – PM09 Apr 20192019-04-09 18:51:32
Malaysia, Singapore agree to find amicable solution to water supply issue – Mahathir09 Apr 20192019-04-09 16:27:52
Government can handle fake news even without Anti-Fake News law – Mahathir09 Apr 20192019-04-09 16:23:34
Resolving causeway traffic congestion a priority for Malaysia – Mahathir09 Apr 20192019-04-09 16:20:51
Malaysia exploring KL-SG HSR cost reduction proposals09 Apr 20192019-04-09 16:12:32
Mahathir hosts luncheon for Hsien Loong at Seri Perdana09 Apr 20192019-04-09 14:29:56
Dr Mahathir, Lee hold annual talks in Putrajaya09 Apr 20192019-04-09 12:47:43
Mahathir, Hsien Loong to meet at first retreat in Putrajaya08 Apr 20192019-04-08 12:41:55
Communication – the healing balm in Malaysia-Singapore bilateral spats07 Apr 20192019-04-07 08:52:08
PM Flags Off Stage 1 of LTdL 201906 Apr 20192019-04-06 16:20:35
Formation of Bersatu in Sabah not to take over state government – Dr Mahathir06 Apr 20192019-04-06 09:01:41
Malaysia-Singapore Leaders’ Retreat next week to discuss unresolved issues05 Apr 20192019-04-05 21:18:35
FIFA President calls on Dr Mahathir05 Apr 20192019-04-05 21:16:21
Govt to open investigation on Suhakam’s social activists disappearance findings05 Apr 20192019-04-05 21:13:37
Lynas can continue operations, but must clean up raw material first05 Apr 20192019-04-05 21:10:26
Malaysia to Withdraw from Rome Statute05 Apr 20192019-04-05 15:54:58
Sports will spur legend island’s economic development – PM Mahathir05 Apr 20192019-04-05 09:06:30
PM Regrets People Use Money, Time to Invent Weapons04 Apr 20192019-04-04 22:19:17
Public, Private Sectors Must Work to Achieve Common Goal – PM04 Apr 20192019-04-04 21:14:52
Malaysia’s National Debt Declines Following Rise in GDP04 Apr 20192019-04-04 16:09:42
Decision to Recognise UEC Can Only Be Made by Government – PM03 Apr 20192019-04-03 08:40:42
SB’s Role in Pastor Koh’s Disappearance Merely Hearsay – PM03 Apr 20192019-04-03 08:31:10
PM Condemns Excessive Israeli Force Against Palestinians02 Apr 20192019-04-02 20:39:03
Government Servants Are Not Allowed to Accept Gifts – PM02 Apr 20192019-04-02 20:34:24
Diligence, Trustworthy, Discipline, Responsible: Life Values for A Successful Nation – PM02 Apr 20192019-04-02 15:02:11
Hard Work, Knowledge and Trustworthiness Keys to Success – PM01 Apr 20192019-04-01 21:54:24
PM Visits Farms, Factories of Bumiputera Entrepreneurs in Kedah31 Mar 20192019-03-31 11:05:00
PM Visits Fruit Juice Factory In Gurun31 Mar 20192019-03-31 10:57:09
PM, Wife attend Langkawi Bersatu People’s Feast30 Mar 20192019-03-30 22:52:53
PM Fulfils Couple’s Wish to Repair Dilapidated House30 Mar 20192019-03-30 10:38:26
LIMA ’19 A Success – PM30 Mar 20192019-03-30 10:33:48
LIMA’19 Best Ever, Says PM28 Mar 20192019-03-28 20:18:49
Malaysia Hits out At Relentless Israeli Attacks on Gaza – PM27 Mar 20192019-03-27 20:56:32
PM Calls for Comprehensive Maritime Policy27 Mar 20192019-03-27 20:51:22
Malaysia Not Declaring a Trade War Against EU, Says PM26 Mar 20192019-03-26 20:43:48
Malaysian Combat Aircraft Still Functioning Well – PM26 Mar 20192019-03-26 20:40:15
LIMA triggers Malaysia to keep up with growing defence industry – PM Mahathir26 Mar 20192019-03-26 10:40:22
Mahathir expresses regret over Muslims involved in corruption25 Mar 20192019-03-25 21:47:41
Resignation of PAC members from opposition ‘their own business’ – Mahathir25 Mar 20192019-03-25 21:10:31
Government still considering reducing electricity tariff25 Mar 20192019-03-25 20:57:17
Gov’t to reintroduce procedures to address bureaucratic red tape – Mahathir25 Mar 20192019-03-25 17:19:04
No plans to buy aircraft from China yet – Mahathir25 Mar 20192019-03-25 17:11:32
Malaysia can recover from past administrative, financial problems in three years – Mahathir25 Mar 20192019-03-25 17:01:46
Govt committed to channel police allocation – Dr Mahathir25 Mar 20192019-03-25 16:44:30
PM to deliver keynote address at CEO Forum on Industry 4.025 Mar 20192019-03-25 09:03:31
Malaysia will only absorb good values from international treaties – Dr M24 Mar 20192019-03-24 16:38:50
EU Palm Oil Ban: PM Issues New Warning24 Mar 20192019-03-24 10:25:21
Many Areas for Malaysia-Pakistan to Explore – PM23 Mar 20192019-03-23 10:17:04
Muslim Countries Should Strive to Be on Par with Developed Nations – PM22 Mar 20192019-03-22 18:18:01
Pakistan Accords Official Welcome to PM22 Mar 20192019-03-22 18:05:57
PM Arrives in Islamabad for Three-Day Visit to Pakistan22 Mar 20192019-03-22 08:47:16
Private Security Services Industry Plays Important Role in Country’s Economy – PM20 Mar 20192019-03-20 20:46:17
Government Strives to Save Life of Sarawakian to Be Hanged in Singapore – PM20 Mar 20192019-03-20 17:35:20
Free Food for All Uni Students only Possible with Sufficient Allocation – PM20 Mar 20192019-03-20 17:29:45
ECRL Project to Continue on Suitable Scale After Negotiation – PM20 Mar 20192019-03-20 17:20:31
PM Chairs First EAC Meeting20 Mar 20192019-03-20 16:41:19
Special Court on Corruption Formed to Concentrate on Such Cases19 Mar 20192019-03-19 20:37:05
Malaysia Committed to Friendly Economics Ties19 Mar 20192019-03-19 11:53:10
Japan-Bound MJHEP Students get Congratulation Cards from PM18 Mar 20192019-03-18 22:39:44
PM Extends Condolences to Families of Lombok Quake Victims18 Mar 20192019-03-18 16:06:21
Act of Violence in Chisrtchurch is Inhuman – PM17 Mar 20192019-03-17 21:49:04
Third National Car Project to Learn Automative Engineering Technology – PM17 Mar 20192019-03-17 15:44:23
Emulate Japanese for Success, PM Tells Youths16 Mar 20192019-03-16 15:33:43
New Zealand Terror Attacks: Terrorism Has No Borders – PM15 Mar 20192019-03-15 15:21:23
Situation in Pasir Gudang Under Control14 Mar 20192019-03-14 20:57:23
Environmental Quality Act 1974 may be reviewed – PM14 Mar 20192019-03-14 20:52:15
Pasir Gudang Pollution Crisis: No Need to Declare Emergency – PM14 Mar 20192019-03-14 08:36:48
South Korea, Malaysia to bring Look East Policy, New Southern Policy in a harmonious way13 Mar 20192019-03-13 11:09:51
Malaysia to send more students to South Korea – Mahathir13 Mar 20192019-03-13 11:06:48
Mahathir, South Korea’s Moon hold talks13 Mar 20192019-03-13 10:59:01
Visiting South Korean President Moon accorded state welcome at Parliament Square13 Mar 20192019-03-13 10:45:08
PM, Wife Attend ‘Raj of The East’ Film Premiere12 Mar 20192019-03-12 20:06:30
PH Government Adheres to Rule of Law – PM12 Mar 20192019-03-12 15:10:20
Government to Study Options on MAS, Says PM12 Mar 20192019-03-12 15:04:22
Arts and Culture Reflect Country’s Civilization – PM11 Mar 20192019-03-11 11:25:43
Only Relevant China’s Policies for Us – PM11 Mar 20192019-03-11 11:20:28
Pay Attention to People’s Demands and Aspirations – Agong11 Mar 20192019-03-11 11:09:01
Middle-Road Approach to Teaching Science, Mathematics – PM08 Mar 20192019-03-08 20:46:07
Malaysian Government To Make Own Stand On China, Not Influenced By Others – PM08 Mar 20192019-03-08 18:25:35
Khazanah Owes Lawmakers, People An Explanation – PM08 Mar 20192019-03-08 18:08:26
ASEAN needs to revisit market sharing concept — Mahathir07 Mar 20192019-03-07 09:16:17
Mahathir accorded state welcome at Malacanang Palace07 Mar 20192019-03-07 09:10:11
Mahathir acts on Butterworth endowment land residents’ woes07 Mar 20192019-03-07 08:55:55
Malaysia assures Philippines of commitment to help develop Mindanao07 Mar 20192019-03-07 08:50:38
Duterte shares various issues of mutual interest with Dr Mahathir07 Mar 20192019-03-07 08:21:29
PM Tun Dr Mahathir Arrives in Manila for Three-Day Visit06 Mar 20192019-03-06 19:47:39
PH is not afraid of PAS, UMNO combination06 Mar 20192019-03-06 09:23:27
Little Disagreement Between Federal Government, Sabah, Sarawak on MA63 – PM05 Mar 20192019-03-05 21:58:10
Malaysia, Brunei Darussalam Sign MoU on Movement of Prisoners05 Mar 20192019-03-05 20:22:48
Sultan of Brunei Darussalam, PM Hold Annual Talks05 Mar 20192019-03-05 16:12:57
Malaysia, Brunei Agree to No Activities in Incomplete Joint Demarcation Areas05 Mar 20192019-03-05 08:50:56
Government Pays RM200 Million Interest for ECRL Debt – PM03 Mar 20192019-03-03 10:55:24
Make Landscaping a Malaysian Culture – PM03 Mar 20192019-03-03 10:27:22
Affordable Houses Should Be Priced Below Rm300,000 – PM01 Mar 20192019-03-01 23:17:39
Taekwondo Exponents Get Morale Boost from The Prime Minister01 Mar 20192019-03-01 23:05:43
Change Socialist Way Of Thinking, PM Tells Some Government Leaders28 Feb 20192019-02-28 10:25:20
Government to Change Land Use Approach for Plantation Sector28 Feb 20192019-02-28 09:07:10
PM Calls for Caution Over Racial, Religious Sensitivities28 Feb 20192019-02-28 08:42:38
No Immediate Need to Recalibrate Budget – PM27 Feb 20192019-02-27 21:12:30
Tun M, Tun Siti among Ola Bola The Musical audience27 Feb 20192019-02-27 21:03:17
PM Calls for Upgrading of Langkawi Ferry Safety Measures26 Feb 20192019-02-26 07:47:46
PM Urges Private Sector to Reciprocate Govt’s Support25 Feb 20192019-02-25 10:08:22
The govt aspires to spend less money or postpone major projects – PM25 Feb 20192019-02-25 09:54:39
Zam Laid To Rest, PM Pays Last Respects15 Dec 20182018-12-15 00:29:39
Islamic Arts Museum Reflection Of Islamic Achievements, Woes – PM14 Dec 20182018-12-14 00:26:17
Tun M Hopes Proton-Geely Collaboration Will Produce Truly Malaysian Car13 Dec 20182018-12-13 13:57:14
Malaysian vessels will stay put in disputed waters – PM11 Dec 20182018-12-11 13:56:32
Malaysia Moves Towards A Greener Diesel11 Dec 20182018-12-11 13:55:24
PM launches guidelines for commercial organisations to minimise corruption risk11 Dec 20182018-12-11 13:52:58
Local authorities must adhere to work procedure to curb corruption – PM11 Dec 20182018-12-11 13:50:23

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