Cost of Living


I also understand that what the people want is a government that is concerned and efficient in solving people’s problems. Brothers and sisters need money to buy everyday necessities, buy books and school supplies for children, pay for water bills, electricity and rent, pay for car and home loans, and other necessities to support family life. I also know that one of the most important services a brother and sister need is better quality healthcare at a reasonable cost. This will also be my priority.
Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin
Prime Minister of Malaysia


MyBSH | Bantuan Prihatin Nasional

The ‘Bantuan Sara Hidup’ (Household Living Aid) or BSH is an aid from the Government intended for certain categories of receivers. The aid is given in cash to the receivers who are qualified according to a set of criteria that has been announced by the Government. Besides aid in the form of cash, those who are entitled to receive the BSH would also be entitled to a ‘Skim Khairat Kematian’ (Death Benefits Scheme).

Electric Bill Rebate

The RM40 Electric Rebate Program is a targeted Government assistance program to finance monthly electricity bills of up to RM40 to hardcore poor and poor families who are registered and certified in the eKasih System. Eligible users will receive a free electricity bill of up to RM40 per month.

Back to School Aid

‘Bantuan Awal Persekolahan’ (Back-to-shcool aid) is aimed at alleviating the burden on children’s school expenses incurred by parents or guardians especially at the beginning of the year. This assistance is given to Year 1 to Form 5 pupils or its equivalent from families with a gross household income of RM3,000.00 and below.

PeKa B40

The ‘Skim Peduli Kesihatan untuk Kumpulan B40’ (Health Care Scheme for Group B40) or PeKa B40 is a Government initiative through the Ministry of Health Malaysia (MOH) which aims to cater to the health needs of the low-income group, focusing on non-communicable diseases (NCDs). PeKa B40 is offered to Malaysians within the lowest 40% household income, known as the B40 group. Recipients of BSH and their spouses, aged 50 years and above, are automatically eligible for PeKa B40. No special registration is required to join PeKa B40.

Fund for Affordable Home by BNM

Financing by BNM to help home buyers from the lower income group with maximum monthly household income of RM4,360 to purchase their first homes priced up to RM300,000.

TEDUH Housing Data Bank

TEDUH Portal is the main information portal to get the data of supply and demand for housing through the integration of all the housing data in Malaysia. Through the portal, information on housing projects and aid schemes provided by the government can be used by potential buyers in the process of owning a house.

Fish Price Portal

The Fish Price Portal shows the average list of current fish retail prices in selected locations throughout Malaysia.


The B40 National Protection Scheme or known as mySalam is a national health protection scheme aimed at providing free takaful (equivalent to insurance) health protection to B40 individuals who are also the recipients of the Household Living Aid (BSH) and individuals in the M40 category who earns gross income of less than RM 100,000.00 per year. The BSH recipients who are aged 18 to 55 years and their spouse are qualified for this scheme.

MyRapid Unlimited Pass

My100 and My50 are passes that offer commuters unlimited rides on Rapid KL rail and bus network for 30 consecutive days. Commuters can travel multiple times in a day on any Rapid KL rail or bus network, with the fare capped at the fee of RM100 for 30 days for unlimited rides on the LRT, MRT, Monorail, BRT, Rapid KL’s bus and MRT feeder bus services; or RM50 for 30 days for unlimited rides only on Rapid KL’s bus and MRT feeder bus services, excluding BRT.

i-SURI Scheme

The Implementation of the EPF Scheme for Housewives (i-SURI) was introduced to create social networks and further empower women’s rights and recognize the importance of women’s role. The target groups to benefit under this scheme are all housewives to Household Head, Household Head among single mothers, widows and unmarried women who are registered in the e-Kasih System under the Implementation Coordination Unit (ICU) of Prime Minister’s Department Minister.

PLUS Toll Fare Reduction

The 18% toll reduction will take effect from 12:00 midnight on 1st February 2020 (Saturday) at all PLUS-operated highways covering the North-South Expressway (NSE), the New Klang Valley Expressway (NKVE), the North-South Expressway Central Link (ELITE), the Malaysia-Singapore Second Crossing (LINKEDUA), the Seremban-Port Dickson Highway (SPDH), the Butterworth – Kulim Expressway (BKE), the East-Coast Expressway 2 (LPT2) and the Penang Bridge (PB).

Skim Rumah Pertamaku

Skim Rumah Pertamaku (SRP) – My First Home Scheme is a homeownership initiative by the Government of Malaysia to assist first-time house buyers earning a gross monthly household income of up to RM10,000 (subject to RM5,000 per applicant) to purchase their first home.

PriceCatcher Portal

PriceCatcher portal enables the consumer to compare prices of goods from multiple vendors throughout the country so that they can buy the goods at a more affordable price.

Petroleum Product Pricing

The implementation of weekly retail pricing of petroleum products using the Automatic Pricing Mechanism (APM) formula is to ensure a stabilized price of fuel in the event of the petroleum price hike.