Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics to be observed by all Prime Minister’s Office personnel

Effective Date

The Code of Ethics of the Prime Minister’s Office is effective on the date of issue.

The Prime Minister’s Office
Perdana Putra Building
Federal Government Administrative Centre

Date: 24 April 2000


  • To inculcate noble characteristics in performing duties so as to improve work quality and productivity
  • To improve self-discipline in order to provide the organisation with good and quality service
  • To enhance skills in the implementation of duties and to be able to adapt to the work environment


The principles and work ethics upheld by the Prime Minister’s Office include the following:


to perform duties with full responsibility


to practise values of honesty, sincerity and integrity in all matters


to possess high accountability and responsibility in performing duties, without abusing power and position for self-gain or the benefit of other interested parties


to constantly endeavour  to improve knowledge, creativity and innovation as well as team spirit


to have undivided loyalty to the department and nation at all times so as to safeguard image and sovereignty


to carry out work with full responsibility at all times and not disregard public responsibilities because of personal interest


to be prepared to take on responsibilities at any time with no expectations of reward but for the good of the department and the government


to be constantly on good behaviour, observe the laws and regulations and punctuality


to carry out duties efficiently, effectively and productively at all times in order to produce excellent service


to constantly improve knowledge and skills to provide efficient, prompt and meticulous services as well as to possess characteristics of creativity, innovation, motivation, competitiveness and accountability


Noble values are good and approved values. They encompass beliefs and behaviour which constitute the character of the individual. These values are manifested through the attitude, code of conduct and principles of the individual. The noble values are:

  • Loyalty to religion, race and nation
  • Respect for one another
  • Humility in interaction      
  • Full co-operation in performing duties as a team
  • Fairness, sincerity, consideration and courtesy at all times        
  • Good manners and ability to accept criticism


All officers and staff members of the Prime Minister’s Office should perform their duties in the following manner:-

  • Display a code of conduct and be considerate so that all actions in the performance of their duties do not tarnish the image and reputation of the office/department
  • Exhibit behaviour that is not in conflict with the laws and regulations enforced and ensure that all actions during or after work are in line with the laws and regulations

All officers and staff members of the Prime Minister’s Office must avoid the following misconduct:-

  • Carelessness in carrying out responsibilities to the extent of jeopardising the interest of the office/department
  • Deliberate delay in acting on official directives
  • Failure to display co-operation, dedication and commitment to duties
  • Failure to comply with specific directives and not heeding instructions in the performance of official business
  • Absence from work without any reasonable excuse
  • Acceptance of gifts and entertainment in relation to the performance of official duties albeit through family members


All officers and staff members of the Prime Minister’s Office shall comply with all administrative directives regarding attire and external activities as follows:-

  • Always dress in clean, smart and modest attire at work according to the administrative circular on attire.
  • Always adopt a neutral attitude. Do not side with any political party nor oppose prohibitions as contained in the Public Officers’ (Conduct and Discipline) Regulations 1993.
  • Always avoid involvement in activities that are against the laws and regulations and unethical, immoral acts.


  • All officers and staff members of the Prime Minister’s Office should ensure that there is no conflict of interest between personal matters and the performance of official duties.
  • An officer or staff member should obtain written permission from the head of department prior to becoming involved or having an interest in any business or transaction.
  • Every officer and staff member should declare his/her interest and assets so as to avoid suspicion and confusion in the performance of duties.


  • All officers and staff members are required to safeguard the security and confidentiality of information and the department’s classified documents so that they do not fall into the hands of unauthorised people for the security of the nation.
  • All officers and staff members shall comply with all directives and regulations/circulars related to the Official Secrets Act 1972 as a guide in performing their duties.


  • Be decent and well-mannered at all times in performing duties so as to avoid suspicion.
  • Do not to appropriate the property of the department/government for personal use unless with permission.
  • Avoid involvement in activities that are against the laws of the nation.