KUALA LUMPUR, April 11 (Bernama) — Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim has conveyed his condolences to Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh on the loss of several of his family members who were killed in an air strike by the Israeli regime yesterday.

Anwar reached out to Ismail this afternoon after learning of the attack that killed Ismail’s three sons, Hazem, Amir and Mohammad, along with four of his grandchildren.

“On behalf of all Malaysians, I state our unwavering solidarity and togetherness with Ismail’s family and the entire Palestinian people who have lost their family members.

“The loss of innocent lives, especially children in such a tragic manner is very hard to accept by anyone,” he said in a statement today, adding that Malaysia condemned and criticised the continued Israeli aggression that is fuelling the ongoing genocide against the Palestinian people.

He said the Israeli attack proved that the Zionist regime did not desire a ceasefire as demanded by the United Nations Security Council and will not comply with international law and regulations.

“This brazen attack by Israel wipes out any hope towards a peaceful solution based on humanitarian principles and human rights will continue to be trampled upon.

“Malaysia once again urges the international community to take stern action and hold Israel to task over this cruel act and needs to work towards bringing peace to Palestinians who have been consistently denied for the past 75 years,” Anwar said.

The Foreign Ministry had earlier stated in a statement that Malaysia harshly condemned the continued attacks by the Israeli regime targeting Palestinians, including air strikes on the Shati refugee camp in northern Gaza, especially when Palestinians and Muslims around the world are celebrating Aidilfitri.

The ministry added that Malaysia will continue to strongly oppose the violent actions and genocide clearly orchestrated by Israel against the Palestinian people.

Meanwhile, in a video of a conversation between him and Ismail shared by Anwar on his Facebook page, Ismail expressed his gratitude towards Malaysia’s support and solidarity with Palestinians in Gaza.

He described yesterday’s air strike as a sign of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s ill intentions to continue the genocide in Gaza.

“It’s a real sign about Netanyahu’s bad intentions and behaviour, (and that of the) Israeli criminal regime against our people and as we mentioned, this a real massacre and madness against our people since (the last) six months.

“Once again, we hope to stop this aggression and we appreciate and thank you for your phone call that show(ed) how much Malaysian government and Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim support(s) and feeling about (our) brothers in Palestine and Gaza,” he said through a translator.


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