KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 16 (Bernama) — Malaysia reaffirms its support for South Africa’s action at the International Criminal Court (ICJ) in upholding justice and condemning Israel’s oppression in Palestine, said Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

In a post on his Facebook, Anwar said South Africa’s courageous action should be supported by the whole world and rational individuals, adding that Israel must be held accountable and their brutality should be stopped using all available means.

“Western countries seem to want to continue turning a blind eye and take a neutral stance rather than dragging Israel to face the appropriate judicial scrutiny.

“The ‘human rights’ mantra often hurled towards countries that do not align with them, is now no longer heard,” he added.

Anwar said the current wave of opposition against Israel is the largest seen since the massive protests against the Vietnam War and the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan.

According to him, the world has witnessed 100 days of relentless massacres ruthlessly committed by the Israeli regime against Palestinian civilians since Oct 7 last year, which is a continuation of more than seven decades of injustice, clearly manifested through the attitudes and policies of the regime.

“The statements and right-wing racist views hurled by Zionist leaders towards the Palestinians further illustrate the extremist stance of Zionist Israel.

“As citizens, despite being denied all rights and basic foundations of life and constantly forced to live in fear, the Palestinians continue to steadfastly defend their homeland and national dignity,” said Anwar.

He said Israel has murdered 24,100 innocent people since Oct 7, adding that Israel continues to be isolated by the international community.

South Africa filed the case in December last year, accusing Israel of committing genocide against the Palestinians in Gaza and urging the ICJ to issue interim measures to protect the Palestinian people, including calling on Israel to cease its attacks.

South Africa has submitted strong evidence of Israel’s intent and actions of genocide that violate the Genocide Convention.


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