KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 5 (Bernama) — The implementation of the Technical Vocational and Education Training (TVET) programmes earlier compared with the current practice, which is for Form Four students, is still under discussion as it involves several implications, said Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

Without elaborating further, he said that the TVET implemented according to the current level is sufficient as the capacity of the programmes is also limited.

“The Cabinet Committee report agrees that the stage (is) after Form Three. For (TVET) to be introduced earlier…it is in discussion as there are other implications.

“However, if (TVET) starts after Form Three, I think it is enough and sufficient,” he said at a dialogue session after officiating the Ministry of Higher Education’s 2024 Strategic Discourse at the Kuala Lumpur World Trade Centre, today.

Anwar was responding to a question posed by a participant who suggested the need for TVET programmes to be introduced earlier, starting from primary school, to increase community awareness of the potential of the field.

Also present were Higher Education Minister Datuk Seri Dr Zambry Abdul Kadir and his deputy, Datuk Mustapha Sakmud.

Anwar also asked academics at universities to study and explore new fields, in line with the government’s aspiration to attract more foreign investment.

He also said that the move will meet the needs of industry, which has seen, until now, several international giant companies agreeing to increase investment in the country.

Regarding the post normal time concept, the Prime Minister said that every matter which needs to be implemented, such as the tender process, still requires certain rules but is done in a short period as appropriate.

“I made a test case for the Cabinet, which usually takes a year and a half based on old experience. I asked the KSU (secretaries-general of the ministries) to take it to the minister and the Cabinet, and we did it within two months.

“I don’t want to tolerate the tender issue because there is a lot of theft and negotiations that cost us tens of billions of ringgit a year.

“If the normal tender process takes eight months to make a decision, we formulate a better method and way, whether using the selected pre-queue tender of 10 companies which pass certain conditions, and can be approved in three months or a maximum of four months,” he said.

Anwar said that similar to those implemented by the Cabinet Committee after every weekly meeting, a report will be submitted within one to two weeks for each ministry, to make their respective comments, compared with the previous three to six months.

Meanwhile, the two-day strategic discourse, starting today, aims to re-align the strategy, formulate the ministry’s strategic direction, propose programmes or initiatives and discuss strategic issues related to the ministry and solutions for this year.


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