BENTONG, Oct 2 — All forms of assistance to the hardcore poor will be coordinated so that there is no overlapping of recipients, said Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

He said the measure involved several institutions and aid programmes among them Amanah Ikhtiar Malaysia (AIM), zakat institutions throughout the country as well as People’s Income Initiative (IPR).

“I want to ensure AIM, zakat institutions and IPR are coordinated so that we know the actual number of recipients and so that there is no overlapping in people receiving assistance,” he said at a Kenduri Rakyat in conjunction with the 36th anniversary of AIM at Kampung Agropolitan Chemomoi here tonight.

Anwar said the government need to manage the country’s funds efficiently and responsibly so that every allocation achieved its intention to protect the poor.

The Prime Minister said the hardcore poor could only be eradicated if the country and government have clear policies to raise the country’s revenue which could later be channeled to help the poor people.

“Before the end of Dec 2023, we must help save all the people who are classified under the hardcore poor…we have to manage (funds) efficiently, not mismanage so that every cent is spent to achieve the purpose of defending the fate of the poor,” he said.

In the meantime, Anwar said he is proud of the role played by AIM in lifting many Malaysians out of the shackles of poverty.

“Certainly AIM is one of the steps and efforts for us to solve this (hardcore poor) problem. I am proud of AIM especially in this latest stage, where its management has improved and its weaknesses identified,” he said.

Therefore, Anwar said Budget 2024 on Oct 13 will take into account AIM’s needs to continue implementing programmes to help poor and low-income people.

The establishment of AIM among other things aims to reduce poverty among poor and low-income households in this country by providing micro credit financing to fund activities that can increase and improve their income.


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