JAKARTA, Sept 5 — Preserving culture, patriotism, maturity are narratives that must be adopted by the young generation in Malaysian and Indonesia said Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

Anwar said the young generation in both countries need to be wise when seeking similarities to avoid differences.

The difference is something that cannot be avoided, but can be handled with care so that it would not lead to a split among the people of both countries.

“There must be clarity and maturity because it can bring about huge benefits to Malaysia and Indonesia,” he said during the ‘Program Temu Anwar’ here tonight.

According to Anwar, the people of both countries basically do not have any problems unless some self-centered politicians trigger unnecessary issues.

“Small issues are blown up to gain support whereas the people in the region have the same historic background but separated by the colonisation of the Portugese, Dutch and English.

“So, why must we adopt an improper attitude to erase history just for the benefit of some,” he said.

Anwar rewined a number of incidents like raising the issue of the Rasa Sayange song which originated from the Malay region, just like batik with its own uniqueness and beauty.

“Therefore if there are those who are keen to discuss the issue of culture, the most important quality is humanity and coupled with love for each other, moral values. But these are the values that we have left behind,” he said.

Speaking of Indonesian workforce (TKI) in Malaysia, as the Prime Minister he admitted there were weaknesses in a number of cases where TKI were abused but stressed that severe action was taken against those involved.

“However, a few cases does not represent the entire population of Malaysia. Whether such cases involve Indonesians or Malaysians, it will go through the legal process,” he said.

Anwar also welcomed the influence of Indonesia to have a sports entertainment programme with Malaysian influence.

The ‘Temu Anwar program’ which was a dialogue with the Prime Minister with youths, was held for the first time outside the country.

The 43rd ASEAN Summit in Jakarta is being held from Tuesday to Thursday (Sept 7).


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