PUTRAJAYA, Sept 1 (Bernama) — Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim wants the jurisdiction of the National Audit Department (NAD) to be enhanced and widened to include the role of ombudsman.

Anwar, who is also Finance Minister, said additional responsibility should be given to NAD so that ministries and departments at the federal and state levels would view seriously every reprimand and recommendation made in the Auditor-General’s Report (LKAN).

“This is still under discussion but the important thing is we want to expand the job scope of NAD,” he told reporters after a meeting with management and staff of NAD here today.

Anwar said the role of audit should be respected not only in the financial aspect but also auditing in terms of compliance with regulations and principles to avoid irregularities in the form of corruption, leakages or negligence.

He stressed that it was time to put a stop to the culture of ignoring the reprimands contained in the LKAN, especially those on power abuse, negligence or cheating.

Anwar said that when he was finance minister from 1991 to 1998, he treated the LKAN as an important document and while he was opposition leader, he studied every page of the report in order to give strong comments to the government.

He said that beginning now, every comment made in the report must be acted on.

“That is why this year, as soon as the LKAN is tabled, all ministers, secretaries-general and directors-general are required to study the report and give replies or take satisfactory action,” he said.

Anwar said if any ministry or department failed to take serious follow-up action on the comments in the LKAN, the matter would be monitored by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission, the Inland Revenue Board, the Ministry of Finance (MoF) and related enforcement agencies.

Anwar also wants MoF to lead the task of studying all LKAN reports and ensure that every ministry and department adheres to the recommendations made.

“If not, the report (comments) will be repeated the following year,” he said.


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