BANGI, June 25 — The Rakan Muda programme, given a new lease of life with the introduction of a new phase, will prepare a generation of youths with noble aspirations and rich in human values to turn Malaysia into a great nation in the region, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim said. 

Speaking at the launch of Rakan Muda’s new phase at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) here today,  the prime minister said the programme also advocates values of humanity that reject corruption and hypocrisy. 

“It prepares a generation that applies human values by respecting one another, embraces and advocates kindness, brotherhood, technology and hates corruption, hypocrisy and racism,” he said to the loud cheers and applause from over 1,000 youths at the event.

Addressing himself as ‘Pakcik Anwar’ while engaging with the participants, the prime minister also called on youths to put a stop to outmoded thinking and elements that could potentially divide the nation. 

“… (the ones) to decide (the country’s future) are not from the older generation with outmoded thinking and who are bent on dividing the nation, (but rather) those who will be saving the people and the country are the youths themselves,” he said.

Also present were Youth and Sports Minister Hannah Yeoh and deputy, Adam Adli Abd Halim.

Anwar also gave the assurance that the MADANI government will provide whatever support necessary towards youth development. 

“We have a team in the (Youth and Sports) ministry who I believe can be the voice of youths, (with) their programmes, their concern towards this purpose. The government, with its concept of MADANI, will assist in any way it can. 

“… what I ask is for you to be aware of the challenges of this world, in a world of social media that challenges youths in making the right choice as one generational mistake can punish and spell doom for the nation,” he said. 

Registration for Rakan Muda new phase can be done by calling 03-88713724, via https://www.kbs.gov.my/rakanmuda.html or through email rakanmuda@kbs.gov.my.

P. Sathiyakumari, 32, who had been involved in the programme’s ‘Rakan Prihatin’ lifestyle (category) since her student days at Universiti Sains Malaysia in 2012,  said she had been part of many community welfare programmes locally and abroad.  

“I was involved in with flood relief and humanitarian missions in Sri Lanka. My hope is for the young people out there to join Rakan Muda for its many benefits and a chance to spread kindness. 

“Rakan Muda provides us the opportunity to build resilience and self-confidence,” Sathiyakumari, now a presenter with MINNALfm, said. 


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