BANGI, June 13 — The government has agreed to raise the living allowance (ESH) of Public Service Department (PSD) sponsored students for preparatory level up to advanced degrees both locally and abroad.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim said the increase in the allowance would be enjoyed by students from July 1.

“The government has agreed that students will be receiving an additional RM100 (for PSD-sponsored students in the country).”

“But spend prudently, do not waste, do not smoke vape. Think of ‘halal’ needs as I help because students are having problems with buying food, and books, so it will be a waste if not used wisely,” he said.

He was speaking at a MADANI Engagement Session with the Prime Minister with PSD-sponsored students of institutions of higher learning at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM), near here.

Meanwhile in a statement today, Anwar said the allowance increase involved 15 per cent of ESH for PSD-sponsored overseas students except for first-degree students in the United Kingdom (UK) whose ESH was raised on Nov 7 2022. 

In addition, it involves a RM100 increase in ESH per month for domestic PSD-sponsored students according to the level of study.

“This increase in the ESH rate involves an increase in financial implications amounting to about RM52.03 million for six months starting this July which will benefit 43,595 PSD-sponsored students.

“The increase in the ESH rate is one of the government’s efforts to deal with the high cost of living, especially for B40 students who live in big cities overseas,” he said.

The Prime Minister said this initiative to revise the ESH rate will enable government-sponsored students to focus on achieving academic excellence without thinking about the financial burden of studies, while also ensuring that government-sponsored offers remain relevant and prestigious.


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