Make flying Jalur Gemilang a culture – PM

PUTRAJAYA, July 28 — The practice of hoisting or flying the Jalur Gemilang should have become a culture among Malaysians with the country been independent and enjoying freedom for so long, said Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin today.

He said Jalur Gemilang is a symbol of Malaysia’s sovereignty and independence, and not just a piece of cloth that symbolised the country.

“All of us should willingly, and proudly, fly the Jalur Gemilang throughout the year, without having to wait for the National Month and Fly the Jalur Gemilang campaign.

“When everybody has this conscience, it means we have succeeded in embracing the country’s independence,” he said when launching the 2020 National Month and Fly the Jalur Gemilang campaign here today.

Also present at the event was Communications and Multimedia Minister Datuk Saifuddin Abdullah, who is also chairman of the 2020 National Day and Merdeka Day celebrations.

Muhyiddin said the Jalur Gemilang had been flown many times around the world when a Malaysian made an achievement that brought glory to the country as the feeling of pride was also shared by other Malaysians.

“Sometimes, even when we are not at that place, we also stand in front of the television screen to celebrate the victory that brings glory to the country.

“This emotional feeling creeps because of the sincere love for the country. We push aside, whether the Malaysian is of different race or religion. What is important is that they (Malaysians) have brought glory to the country and raised the Jalur Gemilang,” he added.

In conjunction with National Month, Muhyiddin, meanwhile, called on Malaysians to celebrate the occasion by flying the Jalur Gemilang at their homes, office buildings, shopping malls and complexes and on their vehicles to show their love for the country.

Teachers, he said, also played a role in making flying Jalur Gemilang a culture by getting their students to fly the national flag so that the practice would remain a tradition among the young generation of all races.

The prime minister also called on the ministries and government agencies to get the people to participate actively in activities organised during the National Month to boost the patriotic spirit in the society.

He said various activities had been planned in conjunction with the National Month, such as the Merdeka Info On Wheels (IOW Merdeka), Merdeka @ Komuniti, oratory competition and KLIK @ Merdeka Photography Competition.

“We want to see this spirit of patriotism always bloom in our hearts. Every year, we will further strengthen this spirit through the National Month and Fly the Jalur Gemilang campaign. Hopefully, in this way, our love for the country will never fade.

“I believe that it is the feeling of love for the country that is the main bond for racial unity in the country,” he added.


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