Seven decades on, RTM remains strong and credible source of news

KUALA LUMPUR, April 1 — For more than seven decades since April 1, 1946, Radio Televisyen Malaysia (RTM), the country’s pioneer television (TV) and radio station operator, has remained strong, dominant and the leading source of news information in the country.

True to its slogan “Penghubung Generasi’’ (Connecting the Generations), RTM will continue to be the voice between the government and public in building a spirit of togetherness.

RTM, which marked its 74th anniversary today, started with just one channel, RTM1, but now runs five TV channels and 34 radio stations across the country.

In conjunction with its anniversary, Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, in his official twitter account, tweeted a congratulatory message with hashtags #stayhome #Juststayathome.

Communications and Multimedia Minister Datuk Saifuddin Abdullah also took the opportunity to convey his gratitude and appreciation to RTM for its dedication in disseminating accurate news to the people.

“I am confident with the dedication of the entire workforce of RTM in disseminating information. They are talented and professional, willing to sacrifice and take responsibility for their work regardless of the time and situation.

“During the country’s battle against COVID-19, RTM plays a leading role as a credible channel to broadcast official announcements and authentic information.

“It is crucial for the people to receive news accurately, clearly and speedily to avoid false news that may cause unnecessary panic among the public,” he said via a video recording posted on his Facebook page today.

In this regard, Saifuddin also urged the people to continue supporting RTM, which is one of the agencies under his ministry, as the leading broadcaster in the country.

“‘Happy 74th Anniversary, RTM,” he said.

Meanwhile, Malaysians especially RTM loyalists did not miss the opportunity to express their gratitude and thanks to RTM on their social media platforms in conjunction with its anniversary celebration.

Through a posting on his Facebook, Ahmad Fadil said: “Happy 74th Anniversary RTM, thank you and we are always with RTM, ‘teman setia anda’ (your faithful companion).”

In wishing RTM Happy 74th Anniversary, Jaazuddin hoped that the station would continue to provide accurate information to society through more creative and innovative content.

Despite facing competition from private, paid television stations and digital service providers, the government-owned RTM headquartered in Angkasapuri continues to be the people’s first choice of television and radio channels.


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