Turkey all set to offer Malaysian youth training, career opportunity

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 8 (Bernama) — A consultancy firm in Turkey, Mental HR Consultancy, has launched a project called “Work4Malaysia”, an initiative that could provide opportunities to capable Malaysian talent for training and career in various sectors in Turkey.

Director of Talent Management of Mental HR, U?ur Karabo?a, said Work4Malaysia was founded based on the understanding of the “know-how” among Malaysia and Turkey, apart from sharing a talented workforce that can be found in both the respected Muslim countries.

Taking a step forward to Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s recommendation that Malaysians should go to Turkey to work and gain experience so that they can help develop Malaysia on their return, Karaboga said he saw the potential of cooperation and working together through training and career opportunities for both Malaysian and Turkish youths. 

“We are going to filter the candidates by their education qualification based on the programme that they have applied. They then have to sit an examination that will evaluate their language ability as well as general knowledge.

“Successful candidates will be offered a place in suitable companies and jump-start their career,” he said in a statement today.

He said Mental HR would work with the Malaysian government as well as authorities in making sure “Work4Malaysia” is a success.

Karaboga said that previously, there had been a few other initiatives done by Mental HR such as language, culture and exchange programmes held in Malaysia.

Later, some of the participants were absorbed to contribute their talent to major companies in Turkey.

He said the strong bilateral relationship between Turkey and Malaysia could be further enhanced through cooperation in various strategic fields such as trade and commerce, tourism, science and technology, industry and education.

“Now, the same window of opportunity is open to talented Malaysian youths who would like to build their career path in Turkey,” he added.

Further information is available on www.mentalik.com and https://work4malaysia.com

Addressing university students at the ‘Semarak Merdeka’ townhall session in Melaka on Aug 3, Dr Mahathir urged young people to emulate the attitude of the hardworking and knowledgeable Turkish people, in order to elevate the country into a developed Islamic state.

“The younger generation should go to Turkey, learn the Turkish language and work there for 10 years and when they return here, I think there will be changes in Malaysia,” said Dr Mahathir, who went on a working visit to Turkey late last month.


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