GoJek: Consumers have other options – Dr Mahathir

PUTRAJAYA, Aug 22 — Consumers have other options if they think motorcycle ride-hailing services like GoJek are not safe, said Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

“If you feel it is not safe, don’t use. We have a choice and we are not forcing you to take the motorcycle ride,” he told a press conference after holding a meeting with senior civil servants at the Putrajaya Corporation Complex.

Dr Mahathir was responding to safety fears among the public on the service, especially for women.

Yesterday, the Cabinet had given the green light to the implement the service, subject to viability studies and legal provisions.

The prime minister added that small business could also benefit from motorcycle ride-hailing services.

On Dr Zakir Naik, Dr Mahathir when asked if he was going to change his mind about not deporting the controversial Islamic preacher, said: “At this moment, there is no change.”.

Dr Mahathir prior to this had said Malaysia could not deport Dr Zakir to India because he might be killed there.

Zakir is under investigation over remarks he allegedly made against Malaysian Hindus and Chinese during a talk in Kota Bharu on Aug 3, prompting calls for him to be deported to India.

Zakir is wanted by Indian authorities since 2016 for alleged money laundering and inciting extremism through hate speeches.


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