Malaysia Will Continue to Use Huawei’s Technology – Mahathir

TOKYO, May 30 (Bernama) — Malaysia is unperturbed with the allegation of spying levelled against the Chinese tech giant, Huawei and will continue to make use of their technology as much as possible, Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said today.

“We are too small to have an impact on the company like Huawei, whose research is far bigger than the whole of Malaysia’s research capabilities.

“So we try to make use of their technology as much as possible. Yes, there may be some spying, but what is there to spy in Malaysia?” he said during a dialogue session at the 25th International Conference on The Future of Asia (Nikkei Conference) here, Thursday.

Dr Mahathir arrived in Tokyo Wednesday night for a three-day working visit.

The prime minister said Malaysia is an open book.

“Everybody knows if any countries want to invade Malaysia they can walk through..,” he quipped.

During the session, he also called on the US’ administration to make concessions in its disputes with China, including the spat surrounding allegation of Huawei’s spying activities.

The prime minister also warned that failure to negotiate could lead both countries into a military conflict.

“(For instance), I understand Huawei has a tremendous advantage over American technology.

“But if you want to have a situation where you are always ahead and when you are not ahead I will ban you and send warships to your country, that is not a competition, that is threatening people and that is not the approach to use,” he stressed.


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