Diligence, Trustworthy, Discipline, Responsible: Life Values for A Successful Nation – PM

PUTRAJAYA, April 2 (Bernama) — Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad today outlined the values of life – diligent, trustworthy, discipline and responsible — which civil servants should have to build a successful country that is respected worldwide.

Addressing staff of the Prime Minister’s Department at its monthly assembly here today, Dr Mahathir said the values were important for public servants as they were the government’s machinery entrusted to administer the country well and in a transparent manner.

“When we work diligently, sincerely and trustfully, we will succeed, but if given responsibility, we neglect it, do not work hard, involve in corruption, then the country may not be successful,” he added.

On the song, “Malaysia Bersih”,that was sung for the first time at the assembly, Dr Mahathir said the song was very meaningful and told the civil servants to understand the lyrics which focused on the country’s development.

He said the “doa” (prayer) recited during the assembly, seeking Allah to grant continuous blessings to the nation and country would not be fulfilled if not followed by hard work.

“The doa is good for us, and the content is not merely seeking from Allah, but Allah called upon us to work hard towards developing a country respected by the world.

“We will be ashamed if this country is looked down by the world, and given names. We will certainly feel proud when our country is mentioned by foreigners as an exemplary and model country,” he added.

Dr Mahathir said success could only be achieved if the lyrics in the “Malaysia Bersih” song could be embraced and accompanied with hard work, trustworthy and responsibility.

“If after reciting the doa, performing the ‘hajat’ prayer and singing the song, we go back and sleep, nothing that we prayed for will happen. To make it happen, we have to work hard to achieve self-satisfation, for family, nation and the country,” he added.

Dr Mahathir said he is confident that the country will continue to progress and be successful because “we have seen the country being administered well”.

He also reminded the civil servants to not abuse their power, saying that each and everyone of them has power, including an office boy.

He recalled a story during the British era of an office boy working for a magistrate involved in corruption.

“The office boy determines when the magistrate is free or not to meet people. The power is small, but with that power, he can get money, which he shares some with the magistrate.

“This should not happen, “ he added.


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