Change Socialist Way Of Thinking, PM Tells Some Government Leaders

PUTRAJAYA, Feb 28 (Bernama) — Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad today called on some of the Pakatan  Harapan (PH) government leaders to change their socialist way of thinking and cease their continued criticism of the capitalist system.

The Prime Minister said the government of today was made up of those who had been in the opposition for more than 60 years and some of them behaved as though they were still the opposition.

“For example, some among the opposition are socialist in their outlook and they regard businessmen as capitalists who should be opposed because (to them) they are a menace who oppress workers and the people,” he said when addressing a retreat of the Johor government with federal government leaders here.

 Nonetheless, according to Dr Mahathir, on becoming the government, they should not hit out at the capitalist system as the system enriches the country and the states.

“They are the ones who invest their capital, set up businesses and industries, provide employment and pay taxes.

“Without taxes, the government will not have sufficient funds to administer the country or states,” he said.

The Prime Minister also criticised the government leaders who had yet to foster good relations with businessmen.

“Some still think they (businessmen) oppress workers and the people. But if there are no industries and if they do not succeed in making big profits, the government will not be able to collect taxes from them,” he said.

“Thus, we have to help entrepreneurs earn profits as 26 per cent of the profits will be paid to the government as corporate tax,” he said.

In the states, Dr Mahathir said, the presence of industries would provide jobs for the people and the state government could impose various taxes.

“As such, we have to be close to entrepreneurs and traders and cooperate with them so that they can succeed and the government can collect taxes from them,” he said.


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