The Launch of Poh Kong’s Gold Note of Hope

1) We are here to launch the Gold Note of Hope, an initiative by Poh Kong Jewellers that is hoped to entice Malaysians to add it into their collection of novelties.

2) I would like to congratulate Poh Kong’s Executive chairman and Group Managing Director Datuk Choon Yee Seiong and his team for coming up with the Gold Note and pledging part of the proceeds to our Tabung Harapan.

3) The launching of the Gold Note could not have come at a more opportune time as Malaysia and Malaysians are at the cornerstone where we decide on how we move forward as a nation.

4) Having successfully liberated our nation and ourselves from the shackles of kleptocracy and an oppressive regime, we now have to manage that success.

5) It is not easy. Expectations on the Government are very high and that makes the responsibilities heavier. Such expectations are only to be expected given the high hopes pinned on the current Government to clean up the mess and debts left behind by the previous regime.

6) But we are not going to sit back and rue over the damage left for us to repair. We have pledged to restore the nation to its rightful position – an Asian Tiger and a respected nation with pride and integrity.

7) We are going to give it our best and our only hope is that the citizenry will bear with us with our missteps. But whatever it takes, we will and have committed ourselves to undertake this task.

8) It is also our hope that as we trudge forward on this journey, the rakyat will rally around and join us in rebuilding this country.

9) Trust me, I’ve travelled the width and length of the world and throughout those trips as I admire the achievements and beauty of those nations, I’m always fully conscious that Malaysia is a gem in its own right.

10) It is not just about the physical beauty that Malaysia is blessed with, but we are blessed that we do not face catastrophes that devastate and kill thousands despite us being on the peripherals of the ring of fire.

11) We are also blessed that despite extremists and fanatics trying to stir racial and religious zealotry, the majority of our people have either rejected or ignored them. But that doesn’t mean we should take it for granted that they will not one day be able to galvanise and
mobilise enough to inflict us untold damages.

12) So be vigilant. While this Government is all for the freedom of speech, expressions and the media, that shouldn’t be taken as a freedom to stir trouble in particular on matters of race and religion.

13) While there are legislations available to stop such attempts, the most effective will always be how the rakyat respond to it. If the rakyat are not taken up at all by these zealots, they will be exposed.

14) Without doubt, the support and scrutiny of the people will ensure we achieve our common objectives tailored towards the well-being of the rakyat.

15) As such, it is to my pleasure when Poh Kong offered to launch this Gold Note of Hope. It is my hope that this initiative will inspire other business entities to come forward and contribute to the nation that has, I’m sure had been kind to them.

16) On that note, I wish to thank Poh Kong and Datuk Choon for making this event a success.

Thank you.

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