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Tarikh : 26-02-1997
1. Saya ucapkan terima kasih kepada pihak penganjur yang telah memberi penghormatan kepada saya untuk menerima sumbangan derma dari ASEAN Ladies Circle Kuala Lumpur bagi Tabung PUSPANITA-PUSPANITA. I would like to thank the organisers of this function for giving me the honour to receive the donation from the ASEAN Ladies Circle Kuala Lumpur for three PUSPADARA-PUSPANITA Fund.

2. I understand that the amount donated, that is RM 55,713.00, represents the proceeds of the Charity Bazaar so ably organised by the ASEAN Ladies Circle on 19th October 1996. I would like to congratulate the Asean Ladies for having successfully raised a substantial sum for this worthy cause. The cooperation between ladies of the ASEAN diplomatic corp in organising the Bazaar is a manifestation of the larger collaboration among ASEAN countries in the social, economic and political fields. The practice of most international ladies group such as the ASEAN Ladies Circle to come to the assistance of a local charity group, is a wonderful way of forging understanding and spreading goodwill between ladies of the ASEAN Ladies Circle and the Malaysian Ladies. The beneficiary in this case is the PUSPADARA fund which is managed by PUSPANITA. I had the honour of launching the PUSPADARA fund on 10 January 1995.

3. Despite being in existence for only two years, I was told that with the money collected by the PUSPANITA fund, PUSPANITA had been able to donate one mammogram machine each to the Breast Clinic in the General Hospital Kuala Lumpur and to the Government hospital in Taiping, Perak.

In addition to this, PUSPADARA-PUSPANITA also donated an ultrasound machine, a microscope, a computer and some chairs to the Breast Clinic in the Government Hospital Kuala Lumpur and three haemodialysis machines to three hospitals in Perak.

4. I was also informed that the publicity pamphlets and television video clips on breast self-examination produced by PUSPANITA have achieved some results. More women now are aware of the importance of early detection of breast cancer, and what better way of doing this than through breast self-examination - a simple process that can be done in the privacy of own home. More women now consult their doctors about lumps found in their breasts.

5. I would like to congratulate PUSPANITA for their commitment towards creating greater awareness on the importance of breast self-examination. Breast cancer, along with cancer of the cervix are the two most common cancers suffered by women, and yet they are also the easiest to cure when detected early. By helping women take control of their lives, PUSPANITA is doing a great service to women in Malaysia.

6. It is heartening to note that soon PUSPANITA will work with the Ministry of Health to set up a counselling clinic for breast cancer patients. I understand volunteers from among members of PUSPANITA will be trained as para counsellors to counsel patients prior to and after their operations. I wish PUSPANITA all the best and success in this endeavour.

7. Dengan ini saya sekali lagi mengucapkan ribuan terima kasih kepada ASEAN Ladies Circle Kuala Lumpur di atas sumbangan yang ikhlas dan bermakna kepada Tabung PUSPADARA- PUSPANITA. Semoga dengan sumbangan ini ramai wanita yang mengidap penyakit kanser payudara dapat menerima bantuan yang diperlukan dalam suasana yang lebih selesa.

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