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Every Child is Precious

The main drive that inspired the idea for the implementation of the PERMATA National Pioneer Project came as a result of a meeting between Her Excellency Datin Paduka Seri Rosmah Mansor and a group of professionals made up of educators, academicians, medical experts, police officers, lawyers and government officials, to discuss on finding solutions to overcome the worrisome social problems that were besetting the youths in the country.

Based on this meeting, professionals from the various fields of expertise were unanimous in their conclusion that the development of wholesome individuals has to start early in their life and that it would be more effective if it started in the early stages of infancy. This then gave birth to a beautiful concept that every child born is akin to a precious gem which will shine and bring light to the nation in time to come. The inception of 'Every Child is Precious' was thus taken and each child will be given the opportunity to get the best start to life.

The implementation of PERMATA Early Child Care and Education thus came into being and special opportunities will be given to children below 5 years of age to experience quality early learning in a well planned and enjoyable environment. This is based on the fact that children from 0 to 4 years of age are an important group that must be given the opportunity to go through their developmental processes in the best way possible. As future assets to the country, they must go through a plan that is systematic, focused and holistic in nature from the time they were born until they enter school, and that this will be a national strategy aligned to those implemented in other countries where an integrated early education of young children is already made available.

The National PERMATA Pioneer Project was implemented in 2007 as a result of observations made on early childhood education and care programmes in developed countries such as France, United States of America, Australia and New Zealand where emphasis is placed on 'learning through play'. It is a method of learning that is enjoyable and based on children's natural inclinations.

The PERMATA curriculum was also developed by adapting Best Practices used by Pen Green Centre as a guide. This was later harmonised with the different local cultures and done in synchrony with the tenets of the National Education Philosophy so as to further strengthen its content. The them 'Every Child is Precious' was also chosen to emphasize seriousness on the part of the Government, and implementing agencies were then mandated to develop a holistic early childhood education and care policy. A government approval of the National Early Childhood Education and Care Policy was given so that the work to prepare our children with a holistic, quality, and flawless education would become a reality.

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