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Current Speeches

Date  :  24/04/2012
1.            Terlebih dahulu saya ingin merakamkan penghargaan dan terima kasih kepada semua pihak yang hadir pada hari ini. Bersyukur kita ke hadrat Ilahi kerana dengan berkat dan limpah kurnia-Nya dapat kita bersama di Majlis ini yang merupakan satu lagi inisiatif yang diambil oleh pihak Kerajaan untuk meneruskan program transformasi negara ini.
2.            It is my pleasure to be present today for the launch of the Talent Roadmap 2020. The document launched today is an important addition to the Government’s transformation agenda, indeed it is a critical component. In speaking of the road to 2020, I have used the analogy before that the initiatives under the Economic Transformation Programme, ETP represent cars and the New Economic Model represents a highway free of impediments. Well, we’re not going to go far in our journey without drivers for the cars! That is where talent comes in, you and I, driving the many ETP cars on the NEM road to 2020.
Talent Is Vital To Attain Vision 2020    
Ladies and Gentlemen,
3.            Talent is the key ingredient. We cannot be on the road to a knowledge intensive and innovation led economy without talent to drive it. Malaysia has talent, indeed we have global talent. The only problem is that the world knows it and therefore, Malaysia has to compete for its own talent.
4.            We can ill afford to lose our talent. A country lacking talent would have industries impeded from investing and growing. This is turn dampens job opportunities which could then result in an exodus of talent, triggering a vicious cycle of fewer talent and a weakened economy.
5.      In benchmarking ourselves against developed nations, Malaysia will need to be globally competitive in its ability to produce, attract and retain talent. The Government has initiated wide ranging structural reform but immediate action is also needed. We therefore catalyse change. Through the ETP, we are catalysing investments and at the same time, we must catalyse talent availability. By working in tandem, we will ignite a virtuous cycle of growth and opportunities.
Launch of Talent Roadmap 2020
6.            With this in mind, Talent Corporation Malaysia Berhad was established in January 2011 to catalyse enhanced talent supply in the critical areas of the ETP. After a year, TalentCorp has made good progress in driving policy initiatives such as the Returning Experts Programme and the Residence Pass in addition to talent engagement both here and abroad. The launch of “Talent Roadmap 2020” is to articulate TalentCorp’s role and plan of action to scale up impact towards delivering greater talent availability, in line with the ETP. It is another key component in transforming the nation, requiring collective action of all stakeholders, Government , the private sector and talents themselves to drive this agenda forward.
Ladies and Gentlemen,
7.            To this end, the Talent Roadmap 2020 identifies three strategic thrusts for talent interventions namely:
(i)        Optimise Malaysian Talent;
(ii)      Attract And Facilitate Global Talent;
(iii)     Build Networks of Top Talent
8.            Strategic Thrust 1 focuses on optimizing Malaysian talent, recognizing that ultimately Malaysian talent is the most important and sustainable pipeline of talent to meet the needs of future development. At the same time, Strategic Thrust 2 of attracting and facilitate global talent recognizes that with the fast changing economic requirements, Malaysians abroad and foreign talent are an important source to complement Malaysians here to drive transformation. Thrust 3 is in relation to TalentCorp building networks of top talent by key sectors and geographies to better enable leading employers to engage and source needed talent.
Strategic Thrust 1: Optimise Malaysian Talent
Ladies and Gentlemen,
9.            Malaysian talent represents our most precious resource and thus, the Government’s priority has always been on nurturing homegrown talent. Likewise, Malaysian homegrown talent will be TalentCorp’s priority. We must nurture our talent and ensure they realise their full potential.
10.         As representatives of leading corporations of Malaysia, I call on you to work with the Government to advance the national talent agenda. The public and private sector will need to work together to engage talent towards playing a major part in our economic transformation. I am encouraged that today’s showcase includes various initiatives involving public and private collaboration on Malaysian talent.
11.         The focus on young talent for public private collaboration is apt. In terms of engaging fresh graduates entering employment, TalentCorp sets out a 3 prong approach:
(i)        first, to create awareness of job and career opportunities;
(ii)      second, to enhance the transition from school to workplace, such as through
          internships, and
(iii)     third, through platforms to optimize talent, such as the management of
            Government scholars.
Creating Awareness
Ladies and Gentlemen,
12.       I am pleased to note that TalentCorp and the Ministry of Higher Education are in collaboration together with leading companies in the private sector in the area of career awareness and internships. With respect to career awareness, it is commendable that leading organisations have agreed to contribute content to enrich the Ministry’s online resources for Learning in English or MyLine portal, a self-directed learning resource founded by UTM. Industry driven content will help graduates gain an insight into both technical and soft skills required to prepare them for employment.

Enhance Transition from School to Workplace
13.         Whilst career awareness provides information on careers, internships play a key role in giving undergraduates exposure to industry. During the Majlis Perundingan Pelajar Kebangsaan (MPPK) last year, student leaders called for greater exposure to careers in NKEA sectors. The Government listened and committed to 12,000 internship allocations. During the tabling of Budget 2012, the Government agreed to a double deduction tax incentive for approved structured internship programmes.
14.         Today, it gives me great pleasure to announce that this incentive is further extended to encompass companies under the Petroleum Income Tax Act 1967 (PITA). Further, I would also like to announce that the Ministry of Higher Education collaborating with TalentCorp has delivered on our commitment to provide 12,000 internships under structured programmes. It shows we are a Government that listens, follows up with action and ultimately, delivers.
15.       With fast changing talent needs, the Government needs to focus on upskilling requirements by leading industries. To further enhance the targeting of upskilling programmes, I would like to announce that TalentCorp and the Economic Planning Unit (EPU) will collaborate and coordinate upskilling programmes for graduates to ensure resources are invested according to our priority sectors. The upskilling programmes are projected to benefit close to 10,000 graduates per year, mainly engineers and will involve an allocation of about RM200 million per annum across various ministries.
Build Platforms to Optimise Talents
16.         A key area for the Government to optimize its investments in top talent, is in scholarship management. During 2011, Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam (JPA) and TalentCorp had introduced the Scholarship Talent Attraction and Retention (STAR) and Talent Acceleration in Public Service (TAPS) initiatives as initial steps to enhance the management of our scholars. The Government is committed to continue investing in our future generation to ensure their full potential is realised. To this end, the Government had recently announced that purely on merit those attaining 9A+ plus and above in their 2011 SPM examinations will receive bursaries and will be subsequently be funded to university level conditional on gaining entrance to a top global university.
17.         Currently, scholars not provided jobs with the public sector are released from their bond obligations. I would like to announce that beginning this year, scholarships to university will be awarded on the basis that upon graduation, scholars will need to meet their bond obligations by securing employment either with the public sector or an approved private sector company in Malaysia. With this, I am confident that JPA and TalentCorp will optimize on our nation’s best and brightest to ensure a strong pipeline of top scholars to contribute to the priorities of both the GTP and ETP.
Strategic Thrust 2: Attract And Facilitate Global Talent
Ladies and Gentlemen,
18.         In the global race for talent, countries and cities compete to attract, retain, and grow the best. To attract and facilitate global talent, the approaches outlined by TalentCorp are as follows:
(i)        first, by outreaching to Malaysians abroad;
(ii)      second, by facilitating returning talents, and
(iii)     third, by enhancing expatriate facilitation.
Outreach to Malaysians Abroad 
19.         TalentCorp will focus efforts to raise the awareness of Malaysians abroad of the employment opportunities in Malaysia through platforms such as career fairs. During the tabling of Budget 2012, the Government agreed to a tax incentive for companies participating in approved career fairs. As per the internship incentive, I am pleased to announce that this incentive will also be expanded to include companies under the purview of PITA.
Facilitate Returnees
Ladies and Gentlemen,
20.         In 2011, 680 applicants were approved under the Returning Expert Programme (REP) scheme, which was more than double the previous year. The upward trend continues and suggests growing confidence amongst Malaysians abroad of the Government’s efforts of transforming the economy. Beyond the statistics, REP has seen the return of notable Malaysians assuming the leadership of various leading organisations.
21.         Moving forward, TalentCorp seeks to develop a seamless and integrated end-to-end process to facilitate returning Malaysians. Whereas previously REP was driven by applications by individuals, TalentCorp will now gradually shift towards a company-centric approach whereby companies can now apply for the facilities under REP to be accorded to Malaysian professionals headhunted from abroad.
22.         TalentCorp’s engagement with Malaysian professionals abroad will be increasingly sector focused. As an example, TalentCorp is collaborating with Ministry of Health is committed towards facilitating the return of medical professionals. To this end, an MoU will be exchanged today between TalentCorp and the Ministry of Health to intensify outreach and facilitate returning medical specialists to register and practice in Malaysia.
Enhance Expatriate Facilitation
23.         I would like to commend immigration on innovations introduced in 2011. Over 500 top professional expatriates from leading companies have been granted the Residence Pass, a 10-year visa enabling them to reside and continue to contribute to our economy. The Government welcomes highly skilled foreign talent able to contribute to our development. I am pleased to announce that the Residence Pass will be extended to successful entrepreneurs engaged in knowledge-intensive activities.
24.         Going forward, TalentCorp, the Ministry of Home Affairs along with the Immigration Department will collaborate on all expatriate-related policies and coordinate implementation of enhanced services, such as to establish a premier service centre for leading companies.
Strategic Thrust 3: Build Networks of Top Talents
Ladies and Gentlemen,
25.         Establishing networks of top talents is indeed a pertinent aspect in ensuring sufficient talent needs is met for the ETP. A talent network ensures a steady stream of talent is readily available at any point in time. To this end, TalentCorp sets out a 3 prong approach:
(i)      first, building networks of future leaders;
(ii)     second, developing diaspora networking platform, and
(iii)   third, engaging the expatriate community.
Building Network Of Future Leaders
26.         An ambition for TalentCorp is to build a database and network of future corporate leaders. It is in the interest of the nation that our best talents are identified early and optimized for future leadership roles. One early initiative in developing such networks was the Cross Assignment Programme which involved selected high performers in Government and GLCs participating in an exchange programme between GLCs and the public sector. 
Develop Diaspora Networking Platform
Ladies and Gentlemen,
27.         In my travels overseas, I meet many leading lights, eminent Malaysians worldwide and I find many have strong emotional ties with Malaysia and despite not physically present in the country, they are still very much “anak Malaysia”. Our door is always open to welcome Malaysians who would like to contribute from abroad. TalentCorp will therefore need to create platforms to facilitate such contributions from abroad, whether in an advisory capacity or in promoting investments into Malaysia.
Malaysia’s Aspirations Towards Vision 2020
28.         We aspire to emerge a developed nation and a global talent destination. These ambitions are intertwined. The success of our economic transformation in large part rests on our ability to act collectively, to drive a virtuous cycle of attracting more investments and global talent.
Ladies and Gentlemen,
29.         Imagine today, where we would like to be tomorrow. Imagine Malaysia in 2020 as a developed nation and global talent destination, joining the ranks of leading nations of the world. To paraphrase John Lennon, imagine all Malaysians, living for this better day. Let’s together make it happen. I alone cannot realize this dream, walk with me on this journey of transformation, work with me to realize the dreams to all Malaysians.
With this, I take great pleasure in launching TalentCorp’s Talent Roadmap 2020.
Thank you.
Wabillahitaufik Walhidayah Wassalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.

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